Kate Hudson Got a Boob Job


It appears that Kate Hudson recently went under the knife to increase her breast size.

Kate Hudson before and after breast implants:
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The change is somewhat subtle, as Kate went from barely an A cup to a small B cup. Thankfully she didn’t go any larger as her small frame and low body fat would not be able to properly hide a larger implant. All in all, I think her plastic surgeon did a great job and Kate’s new breast implants look great!

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  • avatar Nettie says:

    Her implants are perfect. Too bad more don’t go for subtle and natural like this

  • avatar Lily says:

    I’m thinking maybe she just got implants to change the shape after breast feeding, like a lot of women do. A lot of women complain of having their breasts look like flaps of skin after breast feeding, which would explain why Kate didn’t really get implants that were that much bigger than her natural breasts. I’d prefer to look like this than Heidi Montag.

  • avatar omg says:

    holy! O-O her boobs were non existent! couldv gone for something slightly bigger

  • avatar Gabriel says:

    They look good. The implants fit her body really well.

  • avatar doctor adhamudhi says:

    im not going to say they look bad but im going to admit she looked better before and perfect boobjob is an oxymoron.

  • avatar Nandy says:

    This are not implant. Her bobs grow in pregnancy… They are natural.

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