WTF Happened to Audrina’s Boobs?


Like many talentless women who are struggling to become “stars”, Audrina Patridge got breast implants. I’m pretty sure that the goal of getting breast implants is to appear “sexy”, but Audrina’s fake boobs are not even close. Judging from these recent pictures of Audrina, in addition to her “refund gap“, it looks like she is also suffering from capsular contraction. Is anyone surprised that Audrina’s breast implants have earned her the nickname: “Wonk Boobs”?

Audrina's Wonky Tits

Capsular contraction is basically your body trying to kill the foreign object (the breast implant) and in an effort to protect you from the big bag of silicon, your body encapsulates the breast implant in scar tissue. This can make the breast hard and deformed. Audrina’s breasts were SO much better before she underwent plastic surgery.

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  • avatar Whitecatthorn says:

    How sad, it seems EVERYONE in Hollywood falls into the surgery snare. I just hope Kristen Stewart never has anything done.

  • avatar dj says:

    I just saw her on “Dancing with the Stars” and noticed that her right boob looked weird – like part of it was caved in. She should keep them covered up.

  • avatar james says:

    The show represented a life style,which most people wanted to live guy or girl and the public brought the L.A dream. Jet setting to Vegas and Maima,wearing the lastest fashion and hanging with outthe beat.You would be lying to say you didn’t want to be in the show,beautful girls glamorous locations.Adurian is just another Kim,Cherly Cole who got lucky cause she was just step ahead of you and she had money!

  • avatar brian says:

    i don’t think its right for a person who is trying to make herself a better looking person be insulted and joked about behind her back.i am glad i don’t know people like that.

  • avatar FrankieT says:

    Loved Audrina’s larger breasts and shapely curves! Lots of times its a chest muscle contraction not capsular contraction. Audrina looked far better with her lifted and larger boobs!

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