Nicole Kidman Has Breast Implants


Nicole Kidman either suffers from Body Dysmorphia Disorder, or her plastic surgeon just hates her (or both). She has some of the worst plastic surgery in Hollywood. Nicole Kidman used to be a pretty “girl-next-door” type and has tried to remake herself into a glamorous Hollywood beauty by excessive dieting/excercising, a botched lip job, mega botox and now these horrible breast implants:

Nicole Kidman's Breast Implants

You know you’ve overdone the plastic surgery when you can only express emotion through flexing your neck muscles. Yikes.

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  • avatar Sara says:


  • avatar meredith says:

    Really sad that nicole felt she had to do this. she doesnt need ‘work’ done. just let it happen gracefully

  • avatar Whitecatthorn says:

    She is still beautiful, but her breasts and top lip look retarded.

  • avatar jutes says:

    those boobs match her face. stiff and scary.

  • avatar R. Astby says:

    Nicole Kidman probably told new hubby, “I’m going to get a boob job” when she had a VERY clever little subtle one years ago around after Days of Thunder. Check out her earliest Australian career movies and there is an extreme case of “nothing there”! Better still. Let’s see some still shots from those movies here. Sorry Nick.

  • avatar bigfun says:

    really sad she had that done to her she was one of my favorite actress cause of the fact she kept it all natural she didnt need to do that to herself she was extremely sexy and absolutely beautiful just the way she was now she looks like a wanna b barbie doll why nicole why now your just like the rest of the fake pamla andersons out there

  • avatar babyboomer1001 says:

    Stupid stupid people. More money than brains.

  • avatar Beckster says:

    I never thought she was actually pregnant with Sunday Rose. She left the hospital in white jeans. I think that may have been when she had the boob job.

  • avatar Darlene says:

    Couldn’t they move her new boobs a little closer together?

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