Kendra Wilkinson Before Breast Implants


Due to Kendra “leaking” her sex tape, we can now compare what she looked like before and after plastic surgery. The before picture is a screen cap from video taken of Kendra when she was 18…Before she had breast implants, before the Playboy mansion, before she was banging a man old enough to be her grandfather in order to become a star…(EWWW)

CENSORED – Click for photo

Any how, although she is annoying as f%^& to listen to, Kendra is hot, with or without the fake boobs. Personally, I think she was hotter before the plastic surgery. Big, tan, fake boobs are so 90’s.

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  • avatar megs says:

    The world is a strange place when someone who looks as hot as this before spent some money to inflate her chest and became world famous. it worked for her, although i do think she looked awesome before the implants.

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