Heather Locklear Looks Puffy


Poor Heather Locklear. She looks like someone punched her repeatedly in the face. Even worse? She paid a plastic surgeon to look like this.
heather locklear plastic surgery
Heather has WAY overdone the facial fillers. Would you rather have a few wrinkles or look like this? I don’t get it…

Here are some more before and after pictures of Heather Locklear. (She used to look human)


  • avatar tit says:

    porcine! Lovely as an ulster fry those sausage cheeks. Love her new terminal illness look!!.

  • avatar €r!(k says:

    She also had li injections and a nose job in that time.

  • avatar Frankenstuff says:

    I’ve waited 30 years for her…. will she do me now?

  • avatar Isabelle says:

    Yuck! Just awful. They look like that because the new fad in Hollywood is to insert cheek implants instead of doing a facelift, for a more “natural look” since the facelift ruins the delicate nerve structure of the face and makes it look fake, and worse. But look how they look! Like monsters.

  • avatar babyboomer1001 says:

    Puffy and ill with fat lips. She looks like she is about to Barf.

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