FamousPlastic.com Gets a Facelift


Celebrities arn’t the only ones getting cosmetic procedures, you know. Famousplastic.com has recently undergone a virtual facelift! We’re over 2 years old (that is like 40 in internet years…FYI) and we felt that it was time to spruce things up a bit.

Famousplastic.com before facelift
FamousPlastic.com before facelift

I know what you’re thinking, “But Famousplastic.com is like the hottest website I’ve ever seen! Why did they go under the knife (or “slice tool” for all of you graphic nerds out there)?!”. Well, I know what you’re thinking, but we did it to help with our self-esteem, not because we wanted to look sexier. The sexiness of our new look is just an unexpected side-effect.

*Insert our best Zoolander face here*

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