Kim Kardashian is a Liar


Kim Kardashian has always adamantly denied having plastic surgery. She has even going so far as making a post on her blog titled “I Never Had Plastic Surgery!“. Well, Kim’s ex-husband has revealed in court documents that Kim is a big fat liar. Kim has had liposuction as well as breast implants, all paid for by her ex-husband Damon Thomas. This doesn’t really come as a surprise to us over here at, since we noticed Kim’s liposuction back in 2008.

kim kardashian plastic surgery

Kim has recently ‘fessed up and admitted that she gets Botox injections, but still denies that she’s had anything else done. I just think it is so bizarre that she insists upon making a big fuss when she lies about having plastic surgery. I think it’s so much more classy to go the Ashley Simpson route and just neither confirm nor deny.

Kim’s ex-husband did not mention Kim’s nose job, but I think that is because she had her nose job done in 2006, after she had split from her husband. And with all of the fibbing that Kim has done about plastic surgery, I wouldn’t doubt for a second if she had butt implants too. In my opinion, Kim is worse then Heidi Montag! At least Heidi doesn’t lie about her plastic surgery.

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  • avatar Alex13 says:

    Wow… How old is she? 17? 25? 45? 52? 54?

  • avatar April says:

    It is really hard, almost impossible, to have curves on the right places and still remain to have a super flat tummy.
    When you’re naturally curvy, a perfectly flat stomach is almost out of the question.
    You see that with a lot of celebrities, enough proof they had something done.

    • avatar From Tokyo says:

      “When you’re naturally curvy, a perfectly flat stomach is almost out of the question.”


  • avatar Dr Di says:

    We also did a comedic bit on Kim and her denials. Her ex busting her made it pretty easy.

  • avatar rsf says:

    obviously fake head to toe

  • avatar Jenni says:

    god you people are so relentless. She didn’t have butt implants, why would anyone do that? That’s stupid. She probably had lipo on her tummy and the rest of her is curvy…or maybe she really is just naturally gorgeous? It’s like all the ugly people in the world have to speculate that someone had work done just because they are pretty. There are a lot of people who are just naturally beautiful. I think she may have had a nose job recently like with in the past year, but before that, I highly doubt she had anything done.

    She’s beautiful. you’re not. deal with it.

    • avatar K. Breezy says:

      People get butt implants all the time. Butt injections, too. And now strippers are getting vagina injections. IDK why ppl would put silicone in their vagina’s but its the new thing. And just like the implants and injections, it’s starting with the strippers and it will cross over to hollywood then everyday women. Brazil is the Butt implant capital. They get lipo and surgery on payment plans. They boast about it. That’s where the strippers get their surgery trends at for cheap.

    • avatar ksutt says:

      Ha ha! I think it’s funny and contradicting for you to say all the “ugly people speculate that someone had work done just because they are pretty.” You then say that many people are just naturally beautiful implying that Kim is just naturally beautiful. But you also say that you yourself think she’s had a nose job and lipo? So which is it? Is she just naturally beautiful, or has she had surgery? I think everyone is just annoyed at how incredibly superficial this woman is and that on top of it she is not all real. What’s left? No personality, no meaning for life, and now….not even a natural beauty. There are many beautiful woman in the world who have not had work done and are selfless and care about more things than manicures, hair extensions, and plastic surgery. I guess these are the woman who don’t make it onto reality shows though. Your “ugly people” comment is just as ignorant as maybe someone saying that people who idolize and feel the need to defend someone like Kim Kardashian are also an empty shell of a human being.

    • avatar sam says:

      Alot of us are beautiful and we are not insecure like Kim,Kim has had alot of work done you don’t want to believe that but she is obsessed with plastic surgery and so is her whole family.I can’t understand why some people don’t believe she’s had her whole face done,lipo,butt,nose and boob implants,if you look at pictures of Kim over the years you will see the dramatic changes her butt was never that big and her face was more beautiful before she changed it and it’s just weird looking now she can hardly smile.I for one can’t understand why she has a low self esteem and doesn’t understand she was beautiful before naturally and she can’t go back and change what she so freakishly thinks is perfection.I think you should also notice that most women do not have a flat stomach when they lose weight and yet her butt keeps getting bigger but in the past her butt was smaller.

    • avatar kat says:

      Have you seen pictures of her before. Peoples butts dont gain that much naturally. Stop being so niave and beliving everything the stars tell you and look at the evidence.

    • avatar christina says:

      I actually find myself beautiful and NATURAL… on the other hand i also find kim to be beautiful but why deny something obvious? Kim gets on my nerves just because of her constant lieing which on one of the kardashians show was just about, but her constant need for attention. All the talent in the world an people act like shes a goddess. I’m so tired of hearing her say “i don’t feel sexy”. Well then why the hell are you stripping for the whole world to see! Pictures don’t lie… look at the before and after pictures of her…. sorry your butt doesnt grow that big while you lose weight everywhere else… And im also tired of hearing people say oh you girls are jealous, no sorry a jealous person wouldn’t like to admit someones pretty. Kardashians are famous for what again??? People bust their butts to make a dollar while these whores do nothing and make millions…. America is pathetic.

      • avatar rvito says:

        my thoughts exactly!

        • avatar Loni says:

          and who really gives a crap anyway..the fact that people are on here speculating yay or ney either way is silly to me. Who cares. We’re free people to make decisions for ourselves regarding many subjects and “surgeries” and free to avoid such things as well as choose them. I love America. 🙂 Be Happy, Not Haters either way.

    • avatar Sar says:

      and yet there you go speculating that she had work done on her nose… really consistent.

    • avatar Alexis says:

      Jenni you are so right.
      Plus, i’m curvy and i have a flat stomach. its possible. work out and get off your ass. you can be curvy with a flat stomach. unless your definition of curvy is actually fat. then yeah. its impossible to have a flat stomach. did you see the xrays that she took on national television to stash the rumors of her implanted butt?

    • avatar Kimmie says:

      I think it’s hilarious that Kim K. is currently on the cover of one of those tabloids showing her before & after face which is TOTALY DIFFERENT. So she has had stuff done for sure because u can tell unless u r a moron. There are some serious beauties in the world that would blow Kim K. out of the water but because these “IT” girls are chosen by the media & networks to dumb down society & feed young girls heads with the notion that the only thing that matters are looks, money, being uneducated, not giving back when u have been given so much & being trashy (it not mattering if you degrade yourself with a man on film). Please, anyone can see through this. Just look at what they put on T.V. All these caddy, selfish, money grubbing, trampy, & at times violent girls. It’s just sad that everyone just not buy into this LIE. We should support women/men who have substance, values, morals & who know it’s not all about the dollar. The point being, Kim K. is as fake as the plastic surgery she said she did not have done but a picture is worth a thousand words.

      • avatar Jaylene says:

        X-rays??? You are such a moron. Did you know that fat injections would not show up in an X-ray? My husband is a dermatologist/facial cosmetic surgeon and laughed his ass off when she did this. She x-rayed to prove she didn’t have silicone. She thinks smart people would fall for it too. Duh, dumb girls like you fell for it and it’s only dumb girls like you who still believe every word this hooker says.
        I repeat: Fat injections aka Brazilian Butt Lift does not show up in an X-ray. This is what Kim has done and many women do it. Stop saying she is beautiful-she WAS beautiful. She does botox repeatedly, facial dermal fillers, lipo, ass implants, chin implant, cheek implants, eybrow lift.

        Some of you little girls are so dumb. Funny how plastic surgeons don’t believe her but dummies like you do LMAO!! Maybe you know more about surgery retard!

  • avatar Hera Styles says:

    @ Jenni – Did you reeeeeeally just ask why someone would do that? You do see that Kim goes out with black guys, right? the answer should be obvious.

    But with that kind of comment, I suppose you also think that Coco’s butt is real too huh? If so then that may be the answer to your question. Maybe the reason why they do it is because even though most of us know the truth, they’ll always be a few people like you who will fall for it every time.

  • avatar Cecil says:

    Of course she has had some work:

    eyebrow lift
    nose job
    cheek implants
    chin implant
    lipo sculture (arms, tights, midsection, back, chin lipo as well)
    breast implants, i do not think she has had butt implants though

    but, who cares!!! she makes money from her looks so what’s wrong with just improving them??!!…look at it as an investment to her career (if there is any)… girl gotta make money… you go Kim!!!

    • avatar Sabrina says:

      Wait did you say career??? what exactly is she famous for? being peed on? I could careless about what surgeries she has had, it’s the lying about it that is dumb. everyone is free to make their own choices, but if you decide to put yourself in the public eye like she has you should expect to be called out when you lie so badly. seriously though if this is what kids today have to look up to for a role model then the world is in trouble.

    • avatar BadKitty says:

      She’s annoying her voice is annoying get nagging is annoying her family is annoying this whole thing is annoying! ! I think the world needs to forget about Kim Kardashian and Pau attention to the things in the world that matter cause Kim ain’t doing nothing got nobody for anyone to defend her the way you guys do cause she don’t give a DAMN about yall.. ijs.. DEAL WITH IT…

  • avatar cheche says:

    @ hera styles

    black guys are not the only guys that like a big butt. so no that wouldn’t make it obvious on why she may have gotten butt implants.

    • avatar Hera Styles says:

      @ cheche – Black guys may not be the only guys who like big butts but they were the first to openly admit that they do AND they are still part of the majority that do. Even so, other guys liking big butts NOW doesn’t negate the fact that Kim injected her @$$ and then spent the majority of the time chasing down black men – who are known for liking big butts. So yes, it IS obvious as to why she did it.

  • avatar rsf says:

    jenni youre an asshole and blind

  • avatar jen says:

    I remember the tabloid pics directly after she got the butt implants. Obvious then and now.

  • avatar K. Breezy says:

    If people don’t know why butt implans happen… It get’s women gigs in strip clubs, urban men magazines, Hip Hop club appearances, and HipHop video’s. It worked for Kim and Coco. Now white “video vixens” like Jayonna Fabro, Joanna Shari and Ashley Logan. And for lesser knows, they can make up to $15,000 to host a club party. More know “models” can get up to $50,000 for hosting a club party. Look up Angel Lola Love and to see THE BIGGEST BUTT IMPLANTS EVER search for a video of the “video vixen” PEBBLEZ. She’s dancing and she looks like Queen Slug-for-a-Butt from Earthworm Jim.

  • avatar K. Breezy says:

    It’s Pebbelz not Pebblez. Search Pebblez. She had implants but got them redone way larger. It’s gross.

    *Pebbelz – largest ass implants I’ve ever seen.
    *Angel Lola Love – Huge implants. If you see before pics she had no but now…
    *Jayonna Fabro, Joanna Shari, Ashley Logan- white models with implants and/or injections
    *Coco, Amazin Amy, Kim – Implants, injections and/or lipo.

  • avatar K. Breezy says:

    Pebblez videos
    Before any injections or implants:

    some pics of 1st implant job & some 2nd inplant job pics

    Giant implants vid:

    you can see the implant shape at 1:21

    So before anyone asks why would someone alter their butt… know there is a whole skankish market for it. Even when it looks gross and obviously fake like this.

  • avatar rsf says:

    Very well said ksutt! You make valid points here. I cannot understand how someone who is not selfless, not talented, not engaging can be so famous!

  • avatar Kimi says:

    OMG I think Kim Kardashian is as fake as you can get!!! Yes she is beautiful, but it is not the same beautiful as Khloe who has only had a boob job and even THAT looks natural. ALL of the adults in the Kardashian family have gotten plastic surgery except for ROB! Kendall and Kylie are well on their way. As for Kims booty, lets be real look up armenian women on google images, you not finding any that look like them! She may have not gotten silicone ass implants but shes has implants and for her to deny it shes just even more ashamed of her new body because all anyone has to do is look up her old partying with Paris Hilton days. Paris made her famous by taking her ass out to nightclubs table dancing drunk and NOW Kim says she doesnt drink at all! So as a liar she has proven herself many many times. Her corny ass sex tape makes her look like she cant even handle black men so why chase em? Kim cant even KEEP a man and THAT says a lot about someone who is “soooo hot” She just needs to die already (her career). Butt implants are VERY VERY POPULAR to the idiots who say who does that, and before used to cost like 3gs and now are almost 10gs thanks to stupid sluts like these.

  • avatar nina says:

    Yes she has butt implants..if you need proof look up Kim kardashian left butt cheek explodes on airplane in Vegas in July 2010…even Miles her ex claims he thinks Reggie somehow orchestrated her butt cheek to pop!! Regardless of what she lies up and down off,it just isn’t true…look it up..surprise surprise…

  • avatar krystal says:

    u all are a bunch of HATERS!!!

  • avatar rrr says:

    anyone who is going to make a living off of their appearance is going to have plastic surgery.

  • avatar rvito says:

    when you put yourself out there to be judged, your are going to zero in on all of your flaws. kim was attractive before, but remember she had a big HUGE nose and flat buttocks and a small/flat chest. no matter how she is percieved today, she is still the insecure, big nosed flat chested board butt of a girl that she was at 13 years old. sadly.

  • avatar Dorothy says:

    Cover your crack! Only plumbers and babies can show that in public, it’s gross. Really, it is.

  • avatar Haha says:

    Idk about the whole lipo part. I mean I have never seen her look fat or pudgy, so I’m assuming she’s always had a flat curvy waist. I also don’t think she’s had breast implants, but I do think she’s had a lift. Now I 100 % think her butt is implanted, but it looks hot. Cuddos for her! Now only if she could keep a damn Man.

  • avatar Amanda says:

    Obvious but implants. Almost as cartoonish as the woman on the beach wih the ridiculous butt implants in the Non-celebrity section of this site.

  • avatar Smokey Bandit says:

    she’s fake an empty so far below self esteem that she changes her body an parades around for exceptance.It’s shame to see theses sad people look up to her and want to be her, i mean an air balloon has a higher IQ then her. i can’t help but feel this deep sympathy for her.

    btw- how the hell did i get here i was looking for pics of whores and i ended up on this page , the internet huh?

  • avatar SIlva says:

    yup i always new she was a fake….

  • avatar Bee says:

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion… there are always going to be celebrities that people hate and people love or even to some extent, admire!
    I think Kim is stunning and I love the fact she is not slight of matter how shallow this sounds, she has kind of given me confidence to embrace my figure (all we see in the media is tiny tiny bodies).
    Ok maybe she has had work done,I don’t know, but at least it’s not to make her into a size 00000..
    Also, the only fake look about her to me is the ridiculous amount of makeup that girl puts on! JESE!

    But yeah, stunner in my opinion.
    And also, to everyone who goes mental about what she does, who gives one?! It’s obviously working as we’re all talking about her. And to be honest, if I had the money etc I’d love to do photoshoots, bring out my own perfume etc rather than work 9-5 and stress out all the time!

    • avatar Anonymous says:

      You should know that BEAUTY IS A FULL TIME JOB! And yes you work a lot, sometimes days and nights to get your crap together. Though a few times it pays, at the end of the day. Not all the time, or for too long anyway. And it doesn’t last. Now wonder they have fun but have personal crappy lives. Divorce, alcohol addictions, boredom, disfunctional families, suicide, drug addiction, depression, nightmares, betrayal, enemies, envy, and the list goes on and on. NO ONE IS FULL TIME HAPPY IN THIS PLANET.

  • avatar stars networth says:

    emm.. she beautiful, but not naturally.. its fake

  • avatar annie says:

    Is it that these young ‘stars’ believe that they’ll be 22 forever? Can you imagine that saggy implanted butt at 65?

  • avatar kristen says:

    I dont care if she had plastic surgrey! Its` not a big thing and No she does not look like micahal jackson shes` really pretty! I hate when people hate beautful people just because you cant` be us but you keep hateing it will only make us likeable!

  • avatar Peyton says:

    Actually, on her reality show, keeping up with the kardashians, she got an x ray of her butt to prove there were no implants, or fillers, then compared them to an x ray of her sisiter courtney’s breast implants. Dont create rumors unless you have evidence. Shes armenian, that body type is natrually thin waisted, with big hips and butts, but smaller boobs usually. Nobody can say wether she had ber boobs or lipo done, but she for sure didnt add anything to her butt, its all natrual.

  • avatar funny says:

    Look they never said her butt was natural on the show that she got her x rays done they saw something in there and she says it’s her tailbone but the fact is getting fat transfers or it’s called the brazillian butt lift doesn’t show up in pictures and thats what she had done since her butt in her teenage years was very small. People’s butt don’t get that big.Kim tried to compare her xrays to Kourts Breasts when she didn’t get an xray on her own breasts which are fake as well and kourt is honest about that at least.Kim is trying to dispell the rumours because people that know her personally say her butt wasn’t that big before that’s how the rumours started and Kim’s butt looks soo unnatural.Kim should have a body scan because she could have had any sister taking that xray for her she could have paid the doctors off for a stand in.Most of the Kardashians and Jenners are obsessed with plastic surgery.Kims whole face and body is the proof how much different it’s changed over the years.People that think she had nothing done at all need glasses to believe that butt and the whole package is real when it’s not.Kims ex boyfriends said it was fake and they would know.Kims sisters say she a compulsive liar.Anyhow alot of celebs have butt surgery alot of them get implants so she’s no different.

  • avatar rvito says:

    kim is a liar, she looks more stupid by denying the plastic surgery rumors. kim, we know that you have cheek implants, chin, butt and breast implants, a facelift, a browlift, tons of liposuction/sculpture, your lips are fake, your nose has been done how many times kim?

  • avatar rock says:

    I naturally have a very curvy behind, and it’s all natural. I look like the after pictures of a person who had a Brazilian butt lift, but I had nothing done. I also have a very tiny waist and flat stomach. I’m a 34c naturally, so it is possible to have a very tiny waist and a flat stomach and a big behind. Although I think my behind is a little smaller than Kim’s. But yeah, a very large behind and a tiny waist means some people will think you had surgery, but you haven’t. I know in my case. The only thing is my chest. When I was younger I was flat chested. As I aged, they naturally got much bigger. Now I have a big 34C size chest. If people haven’t seen me in years, I’m sure they’d think I had my chest enlarged, but in fact, I haven’t. I always had a big behind though. I could have been 108 pounds and my behind would have stuck out like a sore thumb. Some girls are just built that way. I’m all natural and wouldn’t have it any other way. I wouldn’t even want to get my breasts larger either. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it! 🙂

    • avatar ok says:

      Look ,Kim has had pictures taken of her before she was famous ,she was Paris Hiltons sidekick and has numerous pictures taken of her,the reason the media never noticed her before is because 1.she didn’t have that big fake butt and 2. she didn’t have her sex tape out and since peoples butts don’t get that big over time there is no way her butt grew that big and unnatural looking throughout that time.People that went to school with her, her own ex boyfriends have mentioned that she has had various procedures over the years and they would know her because they went to school with her and her ex’s slept with her.Kim didn’t show the whole thing in her episode she should have had a full on body scan to prove it since she knows it’s fake.As far as breasts growing getting old makes peoples chest get a little thicker ,breasts and boobs over time do not get bigger.Pictures don’t lie old pictures when she was in High school show a much smaller Kim K and show a much prettier Kim K her face is a joke with all those procedures she has had done.Brazillian butt lift can increase butt size without showing up on x rays it’s been proven.It’s good your natural but mostly ever celebrity has had work done it part of the business and Kims whole family has an obsession with plastic surgery .it’s common fact.

  • avatar Anonymous says:

    Kim Kardashian is a liar, and the X-ray of her butt is nothing but a set up for TV. She is a TOTAL liar. OMG. Just look at her older photos to figure. She’s had SO MUCH work done! Anyone can be beautiful nowadays, just requires MONEY. FAME IS A BITCH. At the end of the day there’s so much misery and everything you do gets scrutinized by others. Well, Kim, enjoy while it lasts. Until another one comes along and you get totally forgotten. People forget VERY VERY FAST!

  • avatar Angel says:


  • avatar hehe says:

    And people that write in caps and can’t spell are nutjobs.Kim wanted to take her clothes off and have degrading stuff done to her for the world to see.Kim lies about everything,she put herself out there so it comes with her job as a famewhore.

  • avatar yallrHATERS says:

    Her butt looks natural, her body is shaped just like my best friends is, and my best friend’s is 100% real and is proof its not impossible to just look like that

  • avatar kim says:

    That butt looks soo fake it looks like it got injected with too much fat.Real butts look like Jlos or Vida Guerras.Kims butt looks like to pillows got stuffed in her pants.

  • avatar Unknown says:


  • avatar celebrity net worth says:

    fake beautiful.. i have woman use implant to make her boobs more big and sexy, its not natural

  • avatar kAI says:

    Wake up Unknown, you are a bimbo if you believe that Kim K did not have butt implants. Wte aremenian women don’t have big round shape butts, Never have! If there butts are big, they are not round like basketballs, they are big and wide in proportion to their body size. Sheeeesh, all you have to do is google the pics on the web, her butt size changes it seems with every other pic which is a clear sign that she had the Brazilian Butt Injections. Alot of Peurto Ricans are getting these injections also, unfortunately, many can’t afford the price and get these procedures done on the Black market which as been proved to be risky and dangerous! Sheeeesh, why is it that everyone now wants to have a butt like Black women. Yes, Black men love big butts, believe me! I have 5 brothers and 4 male cousins, Black men do indeed love the Big Butt. The only reason Kim Kardashian got butt implants was to attract one of those Black Ballers, and obviously since she is now marrying one, she succeeded in her quest! Sheeesh, its So Sad how these Wte B”tches are always lusting after our Black men. One of my friends is from Jamaica and he says they come over their in droves for that Big Black Banana, willing to buy these Jamaican men anything their heart desires. My brother and cousins can tell you some stories that would make the average person blush with shame! For goodness sake, be happy with what God gave you people!

    • avatar Erick says:

      So are you Armenian or Black?

    • avatar gorillaporn says:

      ain’t she ONLY half armenian ? if that?
      heard that was a lie too & her father was iranian ..
      anyway she should mention her half irish side .
      she has 2 parents , not one…LOL

    • avatar gorillaporn says:


  • avatar yeah says:

    I wish he released pictures of him and her, to show before pictures and released the plastic surgeon who did her work. I believe him but this would really call her out

  • avatar jade william says:

    I use to love u kim kardashian. Didn’t know u are so fake.U r such a huge disappointment! Feel so bad

  • avatar Amanda says:

    Bitch is more fake than a damn barbie doll. Men, for real, what do you seen in her? It’s obvious everything about her is fake. Makes me sick how everyone is infatuated with her, talking about how sexy she is… Bitch is hott because her whole body is fake! Only reason. For real get over her. Bitch is fake. Period

    • avatar gorillaporn says:

      men don’t see anything in her . she wants people to believe that.
      however she must PAY people to be in hercompany.
      boring , plastic & SEVERELY vertically challenged ,
      she is a laughing stock in real life as her legs are so tiny .
      overstyled & overdressed with a frozen face & bad skin ,
      trust me nobody finds HER attractive …
      it’s only money .
      don’t let the ol’ photoshop fool ya’ ….LOL

  • avatar Kwhorie Kardashian says:

    Kim is a Tranny!.. She had a peniletomy when he was 13 yrs old…We still have it in a jar the the Jenner family headquarters

    • avatar gorillaporn says:

      her whole life is spent on trying to appear feminine whatever means ..
      very masculine , hard looking , hairy ….
      a homely woman…

      • avatar gil says:

        Hey G!
        Did you go to GOPETITION.COM/NO MORE KARDASHIAN ? Go if you haven’t and VENT there!!!!
        We need everyone to sign.

  • avatar gil says:


  • avatar LL COOL HOMO says:


  • avatar gil says:


  • avatar Rachel says:

    Kim has had fat transfer to her butt from her stomach, hips, and legs; cheek implants, a nose job, breast implants, Botox, lip injections, hair extensions, many filler in various areas of her face. She’s not naturally curvy, she’s naturally heavy and had it moved around.

  • avatar wtever says:

    this website is bullshit, kim is not fake got it u stupid ass people, you have no lives

  • avatar Les says:

    Tell me something that will surprise me!

  • avatar New says:

    There is proof now of Kim’s surgeries beside her changing face and body just recently they have started releasing video fotage of Kim when she was a teen talking on camera in front of her classmates and dancing in the video which people can see she has no big butt or big boobs funny thing is her teen boobs and booty are quite flat so if people want to say that she all of a sudden just grew that big booty and boobs when she got out of her teens are dreamimg.Kim got her first boob job in high school and started getting fat injections soon when she started kicking it with Hilton since the media didn’t notice that big butt when she hung out with Hilton.Kim is a big faker in the same video it shows Kourtney in it as well flat as a board but of course Kourtney is honest and admits to a boob job.Look it up under Kim Kardashian videos before fame.I found these under Kim Kardashian baby and teen photos and hairstyles throughout the years and videos don’t lie.

  • avatar ohh says:

    O.k. the video you want to see of her real body is in huffpost Video under Kim Kardashian before and after fame video clearly shows Kims un altered flat chest and smaller booty on video in her high school.

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