Lady Gaga’s Plastic Surgeries – More Pictures!


lady gaga plastic surgeryRecent rumors are spreading like wildfire that Lady Gaga is considering undergoing plastic surgery…*Gasp!*…Well, if these rumors are true, they should read:

Lady Gaga to Undergo More Plastic Surgery

Lady Gaga has definately already had work done. We wrote about it over a year ago (here: Lady Gaga Knows a Great Plastic Surgeon). Some of Lady Gaga’s super fans claim that the “before surgery” picture that we used previously was photoshopped to make her nose appear larger, so here are some additional photos. As you can clearly see, Lady Gaga’s face has indeed changed, most likely due to a nose job and very possibly a chin implant as well. I also think that she has plumped her lips and has undergone cosmetic dentistry. And while I think Lady Gaga’s plastic surgery transformation came out amazingly well, I hope that she does not get any additional work done. She’s just too talented to become a plastic surgery freakshow.

Here are some additional pictures of Lady Gaga (Stefani Germanotta) before she had plastic surgery. What do you think she’s had done?

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  • avatar helensaurus says:

    i think you’ll find she looks exactly the same. its just her facial expression.

    • avatar babybabe says:

      I agree with helensaurus. Lady Gaga has not had any work done. She still has her Roman nose. Heck, if she can create the illusion of spiky cheek implants for the Born This Way shoot with her clever use of light and dark makeup, do you think slimming down a nose and showing it in its best light is any task for her? Or, should we say, for her makeup artists? C’mon, guys…

      • avatar Jenna says:

        Those cheek spikes were glued on but I agree with your on her nose. Her nose is still the way it is, completely natural for her face. Anything else would just look weird on her and besides, she didn’t make it because of her pretty face

  • avatar Dr Di says:

    She has had her nose done, but other than that the images of “before” don’t show enough detail to figure on other stuff.

    • avatar m-m-m-morgan says:

      um she did not have a nose job, she was just facing a different way

      • avatar ramona says:

        she very clearly did.
        as evident from seeing ANY AND ALL pictures of her pre-fame the bridge of her nose has changed significantly.
        I think it’s very nice though, Lady Gaga is a surprisingly beautiful woman.
        Since she refined her look a bit, she looks much much better.

  • avatar helensaurus says:

    until she admits it herself i wont beleive it because she looks a lot different in this picture simply becasue of her make up and hair style.

  • I don’t believe she would do that, unless she is a hypocrite. She is always telling her fans to be themselves. I guess to be yourself could mean to be fake, if that’s who you are? She doesn’t look any different anyway. Her look is her style, it is like her trademark.

  • avatar julie says:

    omg she has NOT had plastic surgery! people get pics of celebs from different angles or w/different hair color/makeup, whatever and say they got surgery. YES there are plenty that do but there are tons that haven’t. lady gaga looks EXACTLY the same! her nose is not smaller, her lips are not bigger. she has NOT had plastic surgery. she has dyed her hair, wears different makeup, has PRO makeup artists working on her. end of story. same thing w/angelina jolie….i can’t speak for botox which i doubt she has because she still has complete control of her facial muscles, but she has NOT had her lips, boobs or anything else done. i was on set of mr and mrs smith (though i knew prior to that) that everything about her is natural. people need to get a friggin life!

  • avatar yoMAMA says:

    nose job and had her d*ick cut off =(

    • avatar amber says:

      well i dont care what she has or has not had done her music is awsome shes got what it takes for the music bissnies i dont think shes the best looking out there but shes one of my most favorit artist out there and i bump here music 24/7 shes got one hell of a voice oh and i keep up on the gossip about her but none of it changes the way i feel about what a great artist she is

  • avatar julie says:

    u guys are ALL high!! that chick has mega talent. she is an amazing song writer and pianist and has a pretty decent voice as well. not to mention her brilliant marketing skills.
    it’s sooo easy for people to bash and talk shit about someone. i’d like to see you go do a tenth of what any of these talented people do. THEN we’ll talk. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • avatar julie says:

    ps. before u bash me, I’M a musician so i know wtf i’m talking about. most people have shit taste in music (and trust me, i’m not into pop) and NO ear whatsoever but are all critics.

  • avatar J Bradley says:

    Wow… There is a lot of debate on here about her music rather than plastic surgery. I’ll be honest she is a gal that people love to hate because the music she makes is done on purpose. I love her music… I always find it catchy and I think she is a smart chick.
    Shows that I have been in (dinner theatre) love doing lady gaga songs… they are well known and kinda loved. Clearly she isn’t a guy… without all the makeup she is actually a really attractive lady.

    Lady Gaga rules… ’nuff said.

  • avatar julie says:

    i totally agree w/you J. well said!

  • avatar julie says:

    it’s so retarded. think about it people. take a pic of yourself after rolling outta bed in the morning and compare it to a pic of you all dolled up by a glam squad, everyone will be saying YOU had plastic surgery and i should know, i’m a makeup artist in the industry. yes many celebs get work, no doubt about that but people are running away w/all of that, thinking a new eyeliner means new EYES!

    • avatar Joe says:

      lol and lipliner means new lips… and cheek bone contouring means new cheek bones. OH NO she covered her eyebrows… she must have shaved them off. People are so moronic!

  • avatar Amanda says:

    She will never be sexy no matter how much $$$ she makes or spends.

  • avatar Joe says:

    Her nose is exactly the same… she did lose weight however. That happened to make her face look a little less plump if that’s what you’re noticing. These pictures aren’t even from the same angle, so I don’t know how the h*ll you can possibly use them to compare her facial features. How could you claim she had cosmetic dentistry? You can only see her full teeth in one picture. She’s wearing completely different makeup as well, and makeup can change the appearance of facial features just as well as plastic surgery could. Take her lips for example. She hasn’t plumped them. She uses lipliner to overdraw them to make them slightly bigger looking. It’s a common makeup practice and because extremely popular in the 80s and 90s. She really does not look whatsoever like she had plastic surgery. I don’t know what you’ve been smoking lately, but it’s obviously messed up your eyesight. And no, you don’t have to be a Gaga “superfan” to see this. Sorry. Try again.

  • avatar julie says:

    i concur andrew!! well said! people just like to hate on people and be jealous and try to drag them down from behind the safety of their monitors. more people should try to spread positivity and happiness and look for the GOOD in people instead of all the negative and bullshit.
    cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

  • avatar julie says:

    @amanda, i didn’t realize you spoke for the entire world? she IS obviously sexy or so many people wouldn’t lust after her. maybe you just don’t feel good about yourself? OR it is truly simply just YOUR opinion, which is fine. i’m not trying to attack you or tear you down, i just find that generalized statements presented as “fact” are inane. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • avatar julie says:

    EXACTLY joe!! thank you. you said it all. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • avatar Next says:

    I <3 Lady GaGa

  • avatar ACN says:

    @Julie, I’ve noticed that you’re both a makeup artist and a musician. Anything else you’d like to add to that list? You see, I’m a writer/director/game designer/astronaut, and was wondering how full of shit you really are?

  • avatar julie says:

    yeah ACN, i’m a writer too (as well as other things) i’m sorry you feel so shitty about yourself or have no hobbies but it’s all true. ๐Ÿ™ i could make a list for you but that might piss you off more.

  • avatar julie says:

    oh and let me clarify. i meant professionally for each and successful at each, just so you didn’t think i meant hobbies. though w/the musician thing it’s now for my own pleasure. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • avatar katy says:

    actually she has had a nose job, she looked like a transfestite before… proof…

    dont think you can deny that guys?

  • avatar julie says:

    ok sorry katy (and no offense cause i can totally see what ur saying) but she has NOT had a nose job. i am 99.9% certain. of course there is that tiny percentage that says i could be wrong, but i have seen pics of her as a child, throughout her childhood, teenage yrs, adulthood and she has the same nose she’s always had.
    besides that, pictures are doctored ALL the time (u know the airbrushing, digital effects, etc etc to make people look BETTER in all of the ads, pics, etc? well they also do it to make people look worse. that’s one reason all of those shit rag magazines get sued so often, they will doctor things to “corroborate” their stories. that picture was doctored. big time. hell you and i, any one of us could do the same w/our own pics or anyone elses.
    another thing (which doesn’t apply in this case) but i’ll mention it anyway, if i didn’t before (and if i did, sorry to be redundant) again, as a makeup artist and w/celebs or any public forum pics, appearances, etc. we highlight and shade their faces. almost EVERY public person has their face shaded for any photo opp, etc. even models w/PERFECT tiny noses have them shaded. they are thinned down on the sides and the tip to make them even MORE perfect, more sculpted, same w/jaw, eyes, cheekbones, on and on. for one, to make them look even more perfect as i just stated and 2, it looks better, especially in print (still photos), so yep, no nose job, the pic is a fake and 2, shading always comes into play. look at tyra banks for one, even though she has a small nose, especially for an african american woman, they STILL always shade the shit out of it everywhere, on her show, in her pics, everywhere. look at pics of her w/out makeup vs. w/makeup.
    ok i’m done rambling. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • avatar GOD says:

      I cba reading any of the above or below ^^ except the first paragraph. All i can say is that you are clearly miss-guided… You can be a musician and still be a retard. You should know this, look at kenya west or the entirety of the MTV chart. Look fair enough you have no life and follow the freaky lady with the pointy cheeks, forehead and shoulders…. But that doesn’t mean you should attack a forum with all your weirdness at once! xD

      P.s. i read the comments above this and Yes lady gaga has an average singing voice, is average looking, and is just an average woman who has a weird sense of fashion, weird enough to strike the publics appeal. This is why i don’t want to live in america….

    • avatar kissMe says:

      yeah , i agree with u julie.. i know, every popstar encountred a romour and we had nothing to do with it.. there are people out there who hated lady gaga snd there are also people out there who love her very much!! i think we should just listen to their opinion and respect them.. but im totally agree with you!! i knw lady GAGa never been in surgery!

      • avatar julie says:

        ty kiss me! well said. yeah i think people just love to hate and pick others apart because they are unhappy w/themselves and have to express it outwardly somewhere. like i said, if u don’t like someone, don’t watch the, don’t listen to them, don’t put them down. just look elsewhere. we need more love, support and understanding in this world.
        aren’t we ALL in this together? life i mean.

  • avatar julie says:

    ps. the word is “transvestite” not transfestite. perhaps that was a typo and if so i apologize. it’s like a nervous tic w/me (though i make errors as well, and i’m not putting you down), correcting spelling/grammar. i disagree on that as well, WHY does she look like a transvestite? because she doesn’t fit the standard of classic beauty? if that was the case, wouldn’t most of us be called ugly or transvestites? there is nothing transvestite about her.
    she goes out of her way to make a statement, to not look “pretty” per se, or her best. she knows damn well how she could be styled to look her prettiest, her most feminine but she chooses not to. it is deeper than that. again, she would just be another one in the bunch. more in the line of sheep trying to look their “best”, follow every trend, not have any originality. i could go on for days about that topic. everyone playing follow the leader to be “pretty”. i’d much rather look at someone NOT following the leader.
    though of course she IS following her own leaders. DEBBIE HARRY, madonna, cher (old school cher), grace jones, tons of people who have done this before her. but everyone is influenced by or copying someone, that is life. but much better to copy or be influenced by a select few than every silly girl you see walking down the street everyday who looks like every other single girl walking down the street.
    no one can come up w/their own styles or hairdos or fashion sense? it all has to be copied by the others?
    i’ve always done my own thing. i don’t follow trends or any of that bullshit. i like what i like when i like it, regardless of what every other girl looks like or what the magazines say, it’s just another way to brainwash us and have us be massive consumers. SHEEP!!! of course, i too am and have been influenced by people as well. there is no avoiding that. but i choose my clothing, hair color, hair styles, etc on what i like and purely what i like, there is NO thought given to “is it IN now?” or “what is everyone else doing”.
    there are so many things i did waaaay before they were cool or mainstream and of course at some point people started jumping on the bandwagon so i then changed what i was doing to not look like every other person who was now doing it.
    okay i’m shutting up now. got on a bit of a tangent there. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • avatar ivonne fernandez says:

    look lady gaga is almos the queen of pop so leave her alone pendejos!!! es muy su pedo si se ase get una surgery or not… her music is still fantastic!!! & all of you get a fucking life & leave lady gaga alone… or just keep hating your just giving her more fame… jajaja bitchezz!!! and if you dont like this comment kaiganle pa laredo TX y aki mero los apasiguo panochas…

  • avatar Sally says:

    Poor girl does have a very large nose.

    • avatar Elle says:

      Well APPARENTLY ‘poor girl’ doesn’t give a fuck, otherwise she’d have the used the sixty-something million dollar she made last year to get some work done. However, poor girl had the brains that most other artists lack and knows that just because your facial features aren’t avergaely proportioned, doesn’t mean they don’t look good. And they do. She’s surprisingly beautiful, and I’m not even a fan of her whole persona

  • avatar julie says:

    oh come on people! what does ANY of this matter in the grand scheme of things? really? aren’t there many more CRUCIAL things going on in this world? does it matter if she had surgery or didn’t? (which btw she DID NOT!) and so many are on here complaining that she has no talent, is ugly, this, that, the other thing and yet you’re ON HERE, talking about her. so didn’t she accomplish her goal? looks to me like she did. people claiming to hate her or think she’s a hack still browsing the web, looking for her and even taking the time to make comments. mission complete.
    besides that, my other beef is that WHY the fuck is everyone sooooooo bloody obsessed w/looks? shouldn’t internal beauty be more important? shouldn’t ANYTHING be more important? beauty is subjective anyway. it gets really fucking old. who looks good, who looks bad, who’s this, who’s that. who CARES??? why don’t people worry about their insides, their character, being a good person. exercise their minds instead of filling their time w/inane bullshit.
    here, there’s my pic (on my “website”) go tear it apart now. geez louise

  • avatar kissMe says:

    she looks da same.. but the lady gag now is more on make up-dat makes her cool and beautyful.. ! well, i don’t think she had gone plastic surgery.. Lady gaga’s beauty is natural and if she had gone plastic surgery, so what?? every hollywood american there, wanted to be beautiful.. and there is noyhing wrong in being beautiful.

  • avatar Ridge says:

    She looks the same…
    Her nose is exactly the same, you can see it in her videos.
    Just watch Judas and see for yourself.
    Her ass has grown though, I’m guessing from squats because she works out/dances alot.

  • avatar Brad says:

    She’s the richest stripper in the world

  • avatar Gisela says:

    I think she didnโ€™t have any cosmetic surgery.
    Her face looks the same in both pictures, and besides youโ€™re comparing old pics when she was a teenager against nowadays pictures in which sheโ€™s a grown adult.
    Face changes as time goes by. But anyways I still consider she keeps her giant roman nose and her angle-shapped face.
    She also lost weight, and that makes her face look a little different.
    I agree with your opinion in which you say she had cosmetic dentistry, cuz her teeth look a little artificial.
    Anyways I donโ€™t think she has a plastic face at all, she still has her natural expresions that doesnโ€™t appear to have something to do with any plastic surgery at all.

  • avatar katy says:

    i dnt like her tht much anyways so idc bout her. like i like her songs but i hate how she dresses like so different it dnt make u cool more like cum on.

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