Stop Blaming Your Plastic Surgeon, Tara…


Tara Reid Green BikiniTara Reid is annoying. She has partied her face off for the last 10 years and expected a plastic surgeon to erase the damage she has done to her body. Now she wants to whine and cry about how it’s the plastic surgeons fault that she looks like a haggard barbie doll that got smooshed through a PlayDoh machine.

Tara got breast implants and fairly extensive liposuction (stomach and thighs), even though she was already thin. The problem is that the last 10 years of drinking excessively and smoking (and probably drug use) has left Tara looking like shit since partying destroys your skins elasticity. The point is this: Plastic surgery is not a substitute for healthy living. Even now, if Tara would simply exercise a couple of times a week, and lay off the booze and cigarettes, she would see a huge improvement in the lumpy mess that are her legs and stomach.

Cameron Diaz and Tara Reid are about the same age (Cameron is three years older) and had similar body types. The big difference here is that Cameron lives a healthy lifestyle that includes playing sports, exercising and eating well. Can you see the difference a lifestyle can make?

Tara Reid vs Cameron Diaz

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