Zombie Barbie


I’m not sure who this “beauty” is, but it appears that her plastic surgeon turned her into Zombie Barbie.

psycho plastic barbie

The sad thing is that I bet this women was quite pretty before the horrendous lip augmentation, nose job and who knows what else (botox? facelift?). I’ll go ahead and file this one away under “bad plastic surgery“…



  • avatar ALEX13 says:

    Her name is Orit Fux and she’s in her 20’s. She’s the Jewish Pamela Anderson.

  • avatar ALEX13 says:

    She also spent a lot of money to look like her dream appearance a “blow up doll”, I’m not kidding I swear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • avatar Alex13 says:

    She had Silicon injections in her lips, mabye cheeks, she also had a fourhead lift,a nose job, botox, lasic hair surgery on her brows, and hairline. That’s all that I know. She’s in her 20’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • avatar ALEX13 says:

    She also had breast implants

  • avatar ALEX13 says:

    She has huge breast implants

  • avatar ALEX13 says:

    Look at her moving and talking about herself

  • avatar Brianna says:

    She looks like she is wearing one of those latex masks they have on youtube videos with unmasking in the title.

  • avatar Raze says:

    After watching the video someone linked above, I think she seems very sweet. She feels she looks beautiful, so good for her. It would be easy to rip her apart if she was a total bitch, but she seems genuinely nice and sincere. She even answers every one of the host’s prying personal questions with a smile and even laughs at herself a little.

  • avatar ALEX13 says:

    She is nice

  • avatar ALEX13 says:

    Look at Orit Fux in this weird video

  • avatar james says:

    damn…..ugly ..bitch!

  • avatar Sheila says:

    Holy moley! She looks like chuckie’s bride! Eeeek!

  • avatar Deb says:

    Is it just me, can you see the injection holes in her lips?

  • avatar Late Responer says:

    Is this face real? It really does look just like a mask. I am having a hard time believing that this is real skin. Especially when you compare it to the skin on the neck. For real? And the hole in the lip is obvious, but that could be a defect in the mask!

    • avatar Aleysha says:

      I noticed, too. It’s make-up, probably something quite heavy like “Camouflage” which is designed for people with port-wine stains and the like. This is why the texture is so different from real skin.

  • avatar amweee says:

    i remember barbies to be pretty, and also small boob’d

  • avatar Next says:

    Orit Fux – Yes That’s Her Real Name…
    by Famous Plastic
    on 01.14.11
    Bad Plastic Surgery, Boob Job, Botox, Breast Augmentation, Breast Implants, Brow Lift, Injectable Fillers, Lip Augmentation, Liposuction, Nose Job, Orit Fux, Plastic Surgery, Plastic Surgery Addiction, Rhinoplasty, lip implants, trout pout

    Remember Zombie Barbie? Apparently her name is Orit Fux and surprisingly she is not a pornstar (seriously!). She is an Israeli woman that is obsessed with plastic surgery and apparently she is only 31 years old?!

    Orit and Jenny Lee should get together, they seem like they have a lot in common…

    Here is a interview with Orit Fux, where she reveals that she got gigantic breast implants for herself, that tanning beds are good for you and that she still lives with her parents.

    More pictures of the interesting Orit Fux:

  • avatar Violet says:

    Rotten barbie.

  • avatar Linzee says:

    Where are her eyebrows? :\

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