Holly Madison Before Plastic Surgery Pictures


Holly Madison has undergone several plastic surgeries including breast implants, a nose job, lip injections and liposuction. Holly says she went under the knife because when she first met Hugh Hefner he told her that she was not his type. Holly has been quoted as saying, “I owe everything to plastic surgery” and “without plastic surgery, I wouldn’t be where I am today”.

Holly before and after plastic surgery
holly madison plastic surgery

While I think Holly does look better after the plastic surgery (hopefully she will stop while she is ahead), what exactly does she mean that she owes everything to plastic surgery? Does she have some amazing career that no one knows about? She got plastic surgery so she would be attractive enough to become one of several girls that bang a really, really old rich guy (Hugh Hefner), who in turn pays her bills. Since Holly and Hugh Hefner have broken up, Holly is now performing in a topless show in Vegas. So what makes her any different from any other stripper/hooker? Her John was famous?

Anyways. Here are some more pictures of Holly before plastic surgery…

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  • avatar ALEX13 says:

    She needs lip implants so that she doesn’t look fulgier

  • avatar fdegq says:

    NEVER EVER have a plastic surgery for a guy if he loves/likes he will take you as you are.
    Always do it for the right reasons you not some guy who says he will take you if you have plastic surgery what if he finds a girl who already looks like what he wants will he wait for you or take the girl who is he idea of “perfect”

  • avatar Jess says:

    Alex 13 dont you realize that with lip implants she’ll look worse.

  • avatar Nikki says:

    I think she simply ment that without the surgery, she never would’ve dated Hef, became the main girl, posed in Playboy, and the door for Peepshow would have never opened for her. She’s a gorgeous girl, NOW. personally, i think she was unattractive before the surgery. I think she’s extremly beautiful now, with a kick-ass body. The difference is, that man was hugh hefner, got her in playboy, and she makes a LOT more than any average stripper or hooker. And, hef sorta treated them like kids. they had a curfew, they couldnt date other guys, they couldnt just go out to clubs and parties. the girls have alot of rules. in a way its almost like they were his daughters or something. other than the fact the slept together..

  • avatar pinko says:

    Yeah, buttsex with dad!

  • avatar Amanda says:

    She was average but not ugly before. I know a girl who thinks she looks like her but SHE is extremely ugly & looks nothing like her!

  • avatar Amanda says:

    Back on topic: Holly Madison looks much better now!

  • avatar jeen says:

    she is so sweet and pretty looking in that pic when she was 13 or so with brown hair..she should rock the brunette thing instead of the blonde…she has denied herself of ever “owning”her true beauty and will never know true happiness until she can love the real her..well the realist she can be at this point..it sad

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