Danielle Staub Has Had Four Boob Jobs


Here is video of Danielle Staub visiting her plastic surgeon to have a FOURTH breast augmentation surgery.

Although it is not unusual for a women as old as Danielle to have had multiple breast augmentations, (you can count on needing breast surgery at least every 10 years when you get breast implants), I would be pretty depressed if I went through four breast surgeries and my boobs still ended up looking like Danielle Staub’s Frankenboobies.

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  • avatar Dr Di says:

    Maybe not every ten years. Much of this depends upon the patient’s choices and lifestyle. Smokers who choose silicone gel implants and/or go large on the sizing have far more re-operative surgery than other patients as do patients who seek cheap inexperienced surgical talent.

    I have plenty of patients with moderate sized saline-filled implants who have had their implants ten to fifteen years without a problem.

  • avatar pamela says:

    You’ve got to be kidding. they look matronly and grotesque. They’re simply simply misguided women who provide beacoup income sources for greedy plastic surgeons!

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