Christy Brinkley and Alexa Rae Joel Get Mother/Daughter Plastic Surgery


Christy Brinkley and her daughter, Alexa Rae Joel, recently underwent mother/daughter plastic surgery. Newly divorced Christy, who is 54 years old, got a mini-facelift and her 24 year old daughter got a nose job.

christy brinkley face lift

I don’t think that Christy looks much different after her mini-facelift, but she has obviously had cosmetic procedures before this (botox, injectable fillers, etc.). Alexa Ray Joel, on the other hand, looks very different after her nose job. She did have a prominent nose, that wasn’t classically attractive from all angles, but I also think she lost a lot of the character from her face by going under the knife. A dainty new nose is no match for a woman who is naturally self confident.

Here are some additional pictures of Alexa and Christy before plastic surgery:

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  • avatar ALEX13 says:

    Alexa also got botox

  • avatar Diane says:

    Yuk on both. Alexa’s nose now doesn’t fit her face. It’s too small and narrow. She had beautiful character before. Now she looks ordinary. Christie has that wacked out eye thing going on now. Seriously, find some real self worth, people.

  • avatar Harlequin says:

    I think that she was really pretty before. She used to get a lot of slack for her appearance. People on blogs are always complaining about how ugly she was, and I NEVER thought so. I think she looked better before, but I definitely understand the insecurity.

  • avatar Amanda says:

    That’s sad when the 50-something yr old mom is way prettier then the 20 something year old daughter!

  • avatar elaina says:

    You people are a bunch of “HATERS”, Alexa looks 100% better with the nose sculpturing. Why not make improvements…it is perfectly safe and if it makes you happy–who are we to judge!

  • avatar Maurice the Pimplesucker says:

    I think plastic surgery is a lot like a man who chooses to wear a toupe. In my mind, I feel I can detect ANY toupe, but then again, isn’t it more likely that I only can detect them when they look detectable? The ones that don’t just won’t arouse suspicion. Well, I always feel I can spot facial cosmetic surgery, and to me it almost always looks bad, with a few notable exceptions. Unfortunately, Christy, you now have that 1,000 yard stare look to the eyes. Or is that just post-traumatic stress disorder from when you served in Vietnam? Sheesh, what is it with these Hollywood types? The worst thing they all seem to do, of course, is the pumping up the lips like inflating a football bladder. What is THAT all about? Has that EVER looked good on ANYBODY? Simple answer: NO. I see that Nicole Kidman came to her senses and had whatever she was pumping in there removed. Sheesh…these people ought to teach a class called: “Beautiful women who deliberately get ugliness surgery.” I recently read a study that I totally agree with: men don’t care about wrinkles very much. They don’t mind when a woman’s face becomes a bit lined up as long as the features basically remain. They worry more about body changes. Now, I’m not suggesting that women do all these crazy things just for men, but men are a good gauge as to what one might think is a good idea to have done and what may not be such a good idea. Here’s the trick: keep the body in shape (yes, I know…that requires restraint and hard work) and keep your teeth healthy so you don’t have to get store-bought choppers, which ALWAYS change the line of the face. If you want to get veneers, fine…but don’t get giant Bababooey ones or you’ll look like Bucky Beaver. That’s all I got.

  • avatar wtfster says:

    I wonder what Alexa is like in bed.

  • avatar GG says:

    Unfortunatly, she looks like her father and not her mother. She doens’t come anywhere close to being good looking – with those bugged out eyes, who is looking at her nose.

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