Cheryl Tweedy Has Cute Dimples…And Fake Boobs


cheryl tweedy cole dimplesApparently English pop singer Cheryl Tweedy, and her cute dimples, has inspired the sudden popularity of a fairly new type of plastic surgery: Dimpleplasty (also known as Dimple Fabrication).

Dimpleplasty involves making a tiny incision in the skin to create a small depression. The incision is then stitched to a deeper layer of skin to hold it in place. Once the suture dissolves, permanent scar tissue will keep the dimple in place. The thing that is really strange about these new man-made dimples is that your new “dimple” shows at all times, where as natural dimples, like Cheryl’s, usually only show when you smile.

And while Cheryl Tweedy’s natural dimples may have inspired this new trend, Cheryl has certainly spent some time at the plastic surgeon herself and has gotten some shiny new boobs!

Cheryl Tweedy before and after breast implants:
cheryl tweedy boob job

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  • avatar JerZ says:

    The right photo and top photo are both prior to the bottom left. This should be fairly obvious considering she got her tattoos prior to 2007, none of which appear in the bottom right photo. Sorry, no fake boobs on Cheryl!

    • avatar holly says:

      ever heard of airbrushing! a lot of photoshoots will airbrush [email protected] out especially ones as tacky as Cheryls! you can take the chav out of Newcastle……….

  • avatar Victorz says:

    you can see on the right pic (green top) that she has a silicone bra on… you can buy them in most underware shops.

  • avatar Alice says:

    The 2010 picture is actually the oldest of the three.

  • avatar CB says:

    you are missing the point, the bikini pic clearly shows that she does not have naturally big boobs, there are quit a few bra-less dress pictures of hers that show her as well endowed and she really is not. And people in their 20’s are not still developing, but ok keep denying it, just like Britney Spears, who as Rolling Stone revealed did have a boob job when she was younger.

    • avatar Cat says:

      I agree with you – this was probably around the time she was beating up elderly toilet attendants.

      Bit of advice though, don’t feed the trolls x

  • avatar matthew says:

    does it matter?

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