Coco’s Butt Implant Scars


It truely must be really hard to be a celebrity in the age of super sonic photography. Cameras nowadays catch everything. Every last pore, every smudge of makeup, every little wrinkle, every tiny scar…It certainly makes it hard to lie about the plastic surgery that you’ve had (especially when you hang out at the beach in a teeny tiny thong)!

Coco laying out on a beach in Miami:
CENSORED – Click for photo

Those sure look like butt implant scars to me!
CENSORED – Click for photo

Ice T’s wife, Nicole “Coco” Austin, has always adamantly denied having plastic surgery on anything besides her breasts. Here are a few direct quotes from Coco:

My BOOTY! Is now the most questioned part of my body. It’s ALL NATURAL. NO IMPLANTS! I honestly think that it would hurt to sit down…

Absolutely no other cosmetic surgery but my breast

Well, Coco, how do explain the scars in the fold of your impossibly large butt? (That is the exact location that the incisions go in order to insert butt implants.)

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  • avatar Hera Styles says:

    That’s because she’s married to a black man and she still w ishes that she was naturally born with a black woman’s butt! LOL!!

    • avatar bootyexpert says:

      Ummm you’re ignorant. I really hope your not black, i would expect this comment from a dumb blonde. i really hope youre not!

      • avatar Americana says:

        bootyexpert, how stupid, ignorant and naive are you, NO ONE is more racist than blacks, and I would bet my last dollar that Hera Styles is indeed a negro. And come to think of it youre probably black yourself, seeing your degrading remark about white blonde women. Always remember, it doesnt matter how much money you give a negro, they will always be looked at for the lower life form that they are. Theyre classless, and money cant buy class. Dont believe me? Just ask Oprah, who with all her billions, couldnt enter the Paris Hermes store, while I a white woman who makes less than 200K a year, was treated with courtesy, respect and dignity at this very store last year, and we lingered well past closing time. Thank goodness there are still some places that keep the riff raff out.

        • avatar Candice says:

          And this comment makes you better than people of African decent how? You seem to have a lot of bottled up hate inside you towards us. I suggest seeking some help for that. How can you defend blondes and degrade people of color at the same time is beyong any reasonable person’s understanding. You honey are classless. Anyone with class wouldn’t talk so trash. Charm school maybe? Oh yeah, you have to get those KKK “family members” out of your life. I love slapping you in the face with this: YOU ARE 100% RACIST! Try maturing like the rest of the adults, okay? I really wouldn’t want racist trash like you in my neighborhood so I suppose we have some common ground. Here’s a suggestion, buy your own private island, then you can really get away from all the “riff raffs” and voices in your head at the same time. I doubt Hermes would allow someone as morally insufficient as you in their store. You couldn’t even afford to pay attention in history class. Somehow you seem to have failed to keep up with facts, People like you fan the flames of racism! I thank you and people like you from the bottom of my heart, you’re ruining society one blog comment at a time. Parents, this is what happens when you raise your kids with a false sense of self-importance. They grow up and post bullsh*t comments about racism when they are the poster children for it. Congrats to Americana’s parents. So..when are going to start being arresting people for teaching their kids to hate? I think it’s a form of child abuse. Just think about it.

          • avatar Kemi Hills says:

            Americana is a racist bitch with surgical scars on her face from being attacked by her own “kind” of people…

        • avatar Proud American says:

          Sounds as if they treated the wrong woman with courtesy, dignity and respect. But everyone knows that racism of any kind displays an undeniable level of ingnorance. You must either be very elderly or from the DEEP SOUTH because intelligent, finger-on-the-pulse individuals no longer refer to African-Americans as NEGROES. God Bless and enjoy your next trip to the Paris Hermes. By the way I was allowed access in 1988 and I was no more than 21 years old and I am AFRICAN-AMERICAN and stayed and spent my money until I got tired. Parisians don’t really care as long as you produce the Francs for the product…don’t be fooled because you think your skin color makes you special. It’s about the color of your money,lady.

          • avatar SolidEther says:

            To all who see me I am caucasian, Saying white or black is racist anyway because labeling is inherently segregative. If we called an asian person “yellow” that would be obviously racist so why is it not with white and black. I simply refer to people as thier name or other factors or say they have dark brown, light brown…whateve. My kids do not or will not ever speak words like N*GG*R, N*GR*, NEGR*ID, (I mean negroid it sounds like an ass growth.)

            About white and class, Class is a total bullsh*t word. I am white-faster to type :)and I am a regular type american I greet people when I pass them any often I receive more happy greetings from fellow people that have brown skin. I think my own race is too good to say any greeting sometime, but this type of sentence is an opinion. Racism is an opinion, a rather harful one, but is just that. Anyone can be a racist, it is a taught behavoir. Some of the BEST people I have known and best friends are black I also have asian and white friends. Every culture has its better qualities but none is better than another.

            Racism and hate mongering is the lack of class, showing an un-evolved person that is very bad for a multi-cultured society just helping to confuse young minds. This hate causes anger, violence and death.

            If you dislike someone do it based on how they act toward you and others. That phrase I don’t hate black people because of thier skin color its because of the way “they” act. That is also a racist trying to hide hate because not all “black” people act the same way. No one does. If you act with class you treat people with respect and dignity, not as they would treat you. If they treat you poorly it is best to still keep to a polite manner and perhaps influence them to rethink thier miserable disposition. If they attack you physically then you must defend yourself, until you can defuse the situation. Americana “class” is an opinion of herself but I percieve her not as one with class but as one who is crass.

            Proud American…You are absotively correct, nowadays green seems to be the only color people want to worry about.

            Plus hate and racism is all wasted energy.

            • avatar Nicole says:

              Well your arguing racism but your gunna say they have to b from the deep south well I’m from there and I dated black guys n ma niece is mixed and I’m white so that’s racist towards me now not all racists live deep south OK for furture refs thank you

            • avatar Beauty says:

              Its definitely not racist @SolidEther. Race (black, whilte, red, yellow) is totally different from Nationality (American, European, African etc). Just for your information race, nationality, and ethnicity are all different factors of what make up a single person so you cannot classify someone as “African-American” and think that they are automatically going to be black because I know a few people that are African American but are clearly white. African-American just means a person who has duel citizenship in both countries. Even though we don’t usually go by this, that is what it means. There are white people that are African just like there are black people that are American, west-indian, hispanic, and even European. As for Americana I have no words for you, you must come from a very poverty stricken place or have had a very bad childhood life experience, or maybe your boyfriend cheated on you with a black woman I have no clue because that sounds like either pure hate or jealousy sweety your comment was actually hilarious to me. Thanks for keeping me entertained 🙂 haha

        • avatar moo says:

          Oprah wasn’t allowed in because she’d cause an instant media circus, which they didn’t want to deal with. I’m sure your arian color had nothing to do with your entry into the store.

        • avatar stfu says:

          Not blessed with color honkey cracker no jack ass bitch

  • avatar Janet says:

    those aren’t scars people! its a crease..when you have a big butt that is what happens where your butt meets the top of your thigh. I have a large butt and i have the same lines!

    • We aren’t talking about the crease. Look again (click on the picture to enlarge it)…There are two small scars in the crease. Those are incision scars (which happen to be in the exact place that a plastic surgeon would make an incision in order to insert butt implants). 😉

    • avatar Cristian says:

      Those are surgical scars. I am a surgeon and I know what plastic surgery scars are supposed to look like.

    • avatar Peppermint says:

      That is not true and I think you are clearly delusional
      because I have a butt that is twice the size of CoCo’s
      and I do not have any creases or scars on my behind; rather
      I have the Apple look which comes from genetics and busting
      my behind in a Gym doing squats, thigh lifts and other
      exercises to keep my backside well toned and bootylicious!!!

      • avatar Aleysha says:

        I, on the other hand, prefer Callanetics. My butt has been called “the best I’ve ever seen”. I just wish that the rest of me would meet this standard 😀 – but it doesn’t.

    • avatar roni says:

      Your are probly from ur undies if u look at some early pictures of her the butt is smaller…

  • avatar Sandy says:

    Her butt is real. That last picture on the right looks just like the so-called “before” picture of her butt before getting implants. It’s just the angle of the shot and the fact that in the “before” pic, her arm covers her waist…and it’s the extreme definition of her waist compared to her glutes that help make them look so large.

    Not to mention, butt implants are not as common as you’d think. The butt takes a lot of pressure, activity, and weight and slippage is common…plus it’s painful as hell.

    Boobs are fake. Butt is real.

    • avatar venessa says:

      denial is a terrible thing….its so obvious that those are surgical scars…

    • avatar Scarlet says:

      First of all, can you see her red thong bikini? All the photos above are just of her ass, not before and after shots…You obviously haven’t seen other photo’s of Coco’s ass. Or actual before and after photos. She was not blessed with an ass like that, she’d had surgery done. Everyone knows.

    • avatar Brunet Coco says:

      As a medical professional with a ton of plastics experiance, I will say she has had lipo on her crease at the buttock thigh junction and fat injections into her bottom… There are definately lip marks !! It is a fat transfer

    • avatar kimmie says:


    • avatar bill says:

      sandy youre blind. anyone with any knowledge can tell those are scars…dhrrdh

  • avatar yeli says:

    omg! what a juicy ass implants or not!

  • avatar jessica says:

    I thought the same thing when I saw these pics a while back. I am glad someone else seems to think she has implants in her butt too!

  • avatar Steven Wilson says:

    I dont see what the big fuss is, considering the majority of women out there would change one or more parts of thier bodies if they could. And besides the majority of men “at least the ones i know” love a woman with curves, “women not waifes” that what i say. 🙂

  • avatar Mimi says:

    Those are 100% scars, I see Coco’s die hard fans are highly indenial that she has had butt augmentation…Coco is a very beautiful sweet person but She lies after lies about her butt being augmentated…Be honest with your fans and they will respect you more…She will go to her grave indenial of having butt implants…

  • avatar Jinx says:

    Its so weird. You people dont understand. Its butt implants. Everyone who has real butts have the thighs and hips to go with it and she doesnt have that!

    • avatar MissJai says:

      Thank you sooo much!!! I had to go back up and look at her pics….her butt is not real. Check out Deelishis (from Flava of Love show)….she has a huge behind but she has the hips and thighs to match.

  • avatar Mandy says:

    Looks like surgical scars to me.

  • avatar Frank says:

    I dated a girl who had those exact same scars in that exact location. They are from liposuction. The girl I dated had lipo to remove cellulite from the back of her legs and she has the same scars as Coco. Coco has definitely had lipo on her legs but I don’t think she has butt implants.

  • avatar kcat says:

    Those definitely look like lipo scars, not butt implant scars. And think about it…if she was already a curvy girl, sucking a lot of fat out of her hips, thighs & waist but leaving the booty would certainly enhance her look.

  • avatar Thenurse says:

    Im a nurse and I say that Azz is FAKE. The scars are now put in the crack on either side of the A-hole so stop looking people. Just know that just because you don’t see the scar, doesn’t mean that it’s real. Kim Kardasian has them too. Look at the photos of her Then and now. You don’t get a big butt from exercising. Sorry folks. Exercise just firms up what you already have but you will not go from an ironing board to Byonce;that you have to be born with it already in your genes:(

  • avatar LushEmpire says:

    I have worked with Coco and Ice T (on photo shoots!!). In person, her body does look more natural and proportional. She does have a extraordinary derrière (but its natural). Haven’t any of you dated women with amazing derrières? If not, get out more. You’ll be surprised to see the rage of the female body.

    If you know anything about women, you know that usually a woman with a large BUTT and hips will have smaller breasts. And a woman with large breasts will have smaller hips and flatter butt. There are exceptions, but generally, this is the case. Coco has the bigger butt and hips thing.

    Coco has written in her blog that she got the breast implants to even out her proportions. She has even posted some of the before photos on her website.

    A lot of the photos you see There’s no implants in there. Her butt has gotten bigger over time, Sure. That happens. I have dated women whose butts gotten bigger in just over 2 or 3 months.

    C’mon people!

  • avatar Amanda says:

    That azz ain’t natural!

  • avatar rvito says:

    there is also a lipo scar on her rt buttock, probably had lipo prior to the butt prostheses.

  • avatar B says:

    Those are lipo scars. Butt implants are placed through the buttcrack.

  • avatar Mr.Impact says:

    Who CARES!!!!!!!

  • avatar gena says:

    Umm is it me or in these pictures above her booty looks somewhat deflated like its time for a butt implant tune up, in her photo shoots and in clothes her ass is like perfect but not on these pics or maybe these pics were photoshopped by a hater to make her as look droopy and flat like a 50 yr old or a pig booty just sayin somethins up

  • avatar Renee says:

    Ok. No ones ass just gets bigger in a matter of months unless they are gaining weightin general. someone can work out to firm their ass and make it look perkier, which you may perceive as looking bigger. Her ass is FAKE, your seriously an idiot if you think its real. Her ass doesn’t even move with her, it still looks like 2 ridiculous bubbles when shes bending over. A natural ass, especially one as big as hers, is made of FAT and muscle. Those things will move with her body, not constantly look plastered in the same place. Look how round it is on the top, no thats not real. And I’m pretty sure lipo scars are very tiny, almost circular looking. And her scars are longer incisions. I have nothing against coco and her big fake butt I think shes cute even though her ass looks soooo fake. I just think its lame shes going the kim kardashian route and denying the obvious

  • avatar Mielita says:

    I genuinely like her sweet personality, appreciate her admiration of the infamous black/hispanic female figure, but her butt seems fake. Those 2 dimples above the thigh crease (a traditional implant site) are common *injection* sites for silicone injections! There are several video vixens who’ve done the same thing and put it off for years before confessing. That means those scars could be from lipo, or even a lone patch of cellulite… But more likely from an injection or implant. Learn some anatomy people, if you’re waist is roughly 22 inches (waist-to-hip ratio for a slim girl), your axx should not be twice that number lol – it’s anatomically disproportionate and I pray for Miss Coco’s health with those heavy breast implants in addition.

  • avatar That's Plastic! says:

    In Texas they’ll double stack your breast implants if you want super-sized tatas. In Mexico they’ll pretty much do whatever you want to any part of your body @ a discount rate…

    To be honest Coco’s boobs and butt look botched. Forecast? Expect botched work to try and shave down her jaw + bad lip injections. Chicks like this don’t quit. They keep trying until the after looks far worse than the before.

  • avatar Melyssa says:

    CoCo has a brizalian butt lift.. They take fat from other parts of your body and put it in your bum, then they sculpt it the way you want it.. There are photos of her from a very long time ago, at the beginning of her modeling career, with brunette hair, tiny breast and a flat bum.. It is not real at all, it is a butt lift, just like Kim K. And why would she admit to it, it would lessen her uniqueness as a white woman with a black womans assets. I wouldn’t admit to it, but I would admit to the breast implants to make what I say more believable. She has had alot of work done to herself, she is hardly natural at all anymore.

  • avatar Dominique Gomes (Google Me Bitch) lmao says:

    Why yu people so obsessed wit her, why u’z jockin her so bad? Real ass or not, she’s still a bad ass chick…so real talk u’z need lives 2 be jockin some chick yu dnt kno & never will…she’s bad, get over it, sounds like yu highly jealous bcuz u’ll never be her or look like her, hop off her pussy or “ass” I should say really! & now u’z talkin bout kim kardashian’s ass….really?? Do ur research & u’ll see jus like tyra banks has a plastic surgeon on her show 2 proove her boob were real, kim is doing the same & coco should too, to get yu hatin ass ppl off her ass…& 4 the females most importantly, yu all kno there is shit on ya body u’d like 2 change, we all do cuz no1 is perfect so I bet if half of yu had the money ud be doin shit 2 change ur look, yu were make up right? & possibly push up bras, dresses of clothes in general that make ur body look good, yes every1 does it, so stop hatin & 4 the men uz jus mad u’ll never pull a bad bitch like coco or kim kardashian…sorry 2 go in on uz but I hate haters, ima model myself & I’ve experienced haters that jus wanna hate but I’ve also experienced a lot of females secure with their own selves 2 pay another female a comment & that why I’m writing this bcuz we need less haters & more female support from other females, if I see a pretty girl I’ll be the 1st one 2 comment her, I do it all the time…try it ladies & see how yu get it in return! Let’s stop the girl on girl hate! (C’mon now, how many times yu hear from a female “well I dnt really get along with other girls, except ur close friends”) get out there & meet new females try that it might stop some of all this girl on girl hate! & 4 the men ur jus plain pathetic & haters 2 be on here talkin bout if a girls butt is real or fake…who cares fukin haters man #NotCute! I could go on & on but enought said really! Hope at least 1 person gets what I’m saying & if so that’s 1 less hater on this earth!! Deuces…

    • avatar miss independent says:

      Dominique…finally someone with some damn sence! Tell em girl, you really speak the truth, by the way I did google you & your pictures are beautiful & I can tell ur all natural but even if you weren’t WHO CARES like you said, ur facebook pics are gorgeous, just from one female to another your very pretty & I requested you lol I’m miss independent. Jus so you know lol…but I just wanted to tell you what you said was real talk & inspired me to really think about that & that there is no need to “hate” on other females, we need to stick together & stay complimenting other ladies when necessary 🙂 thanks for the insite! Listen up ladies this girl know what she is talking about & Ispoke with dominique & she speaks with young women to teach them how to love & respect other young ladies along with a charity, godbless you dominique because I have a young daughter & neice & they could really benifit from listening to your speaches, I’m also a teacher like I told you & can’t wait for you to come to our school!

    • avatar Gina says:

      I feel you on the bit about how females need to stop being catty,mean,gossipy haters. I agree that shit ain’t cool. But I’m sorry it is what it is…Coco Austin, Kim Kardashian, & Nicki Minaj are ALL PLASTIC. They did indeed have surgery. Coco has had breast & butt implants as well as work done to her face…likewise for Kardashian & Minaj.

  • avatar miss independent says:

    Everyone google Dominique Gomes…she’s an awesome women…facebook & twitter is…XxMsGomesxX

    • avatar Gina says:

      Wow aren’t you a little bit thirsty? You’re either a lesbo to be jockin’ this girl so hard OR you are commentor “Gomes” herself with an alias account promoting herself pretending to be someone else lol

  • avatar bootyexpert says:

    Her butt is real, my sister has her butt done and you wont be able to see scars because the implants are put in through the butt crack not on the bottom of the leg!!!!! so even if her butt is fake you wont be able to see the scars unless you are her husband, PS for you so called doctors get your facts right because it is a crease…..And for you haters leave her alone.

  • avatar raya says:

    I totally agree!!bt da bitch s rite bout one thng,oprah was denied entry to a store in paris,not hermes,dior,because she was dressed inapriopriatly,(sum ol sweats or smtg),bt def NOT becuz she waz black!dat bitch is just dumb!n ps:ther mor colored friendly in paris than in da us matter how racist they stil r!

  • avatar Lisa says:

    BABY GOT BACK. lol jk, seriously though, a lot of people have those lines. Her but looks fine anyway!

    • avatar kimmie says:


  • avatar sHeDevil says:

    the scars are completely concealable. i just had the procedure and done a month ago and can easily hide the not yet healed scars under a tiny thong…

    FAIL on anyone who would assume the scars hung out in the under cheek area… completely un-educated.

  • avatar Gabe Asher says:

    Why would one lie about fat transfer to the dung bunker? Denying it just makes you look fat! LOL.
    BTW, these girls will feel really silly when the big butt trend is over…..and it almost is.

  • avatar Real butt says:

    Find pics of Coco when she was young, dats a real ass.

  • avatar Jack Ketch says:

    Camera’s?? What are camera’s?? Blogger can’t spell cameras, lol. 😛

  • avatar wow says:

    y’all are fucking stupid if you think her ass is real. people are saying that they met her and therefore they know it’s real… wtf??? Did she let you personally x-ray her ass or give you her complete medical history files? she should at LEAST go the Nicki Minaj route and not confirm or deny plastic surgery… instead her and Kim Kardashian have the biggest fakest asses out there (while I think CoCo has implants and Kim has brazilian butt lift), crying that their asses are REAL to anyone who will listen. If CoCo could get away with denying that her boobs were fake, she would. Who knows what else is done.

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