Megan Fox – The Plastic Surgery Junkie


Megan Fox is no stranger to the plastic surgeon’s office, but she had gone WAY overboard this time. Her once stunning face is too puffy in some places, paralyzed in others and altogether she looks really bizarre.

megan fox botox face

Here is video of Megan Fox being interviewed on the red carpet at the “Jonah Hex” premier. Her face really does look like a reanimated puppet:

Previous, Megan has plumped her lips and gotten a nose job, but now it seems that the 24-year-old actress has severely over botoxed her face as well as over plumped her cheeks and lips with injectable fillers. Luckly the botox and injectable fillers will fade out within a few months, so hopefully Megan Fox learned her lesson and will stop with the plastic surgery!

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  • avatar ALEX13 says:

    After the cheeks she became anorexic to make them look bigger.

  • avatar dd says:

    she should have waited until she needed the surgery. Too young to start now. Maybe she will be an upcoming Michael Jackson!

  • avatar Patrice says:

    This is one of those Hollywood plastic surgery cases that makes me really really sad. I mean, what she is doing to herself is self destuctive and borderline abusive. Look at that angelic, perfect face BEFORE she started having her self “improved”!!! I don’t know who in her life f*cked up this girl’s psyche, but you just can’t get any more beautiful than they way God made her…now she looks like a cast off form Maddame Toussads. I assume that Megan might have the same type of leeches around her that were whipering in Nicole Kidman’s ear about her looks once upon-a-time. Such a shame.

  • avatar star says:

    omg! she looks exactly like angelina jolie here -_-. i agree with dd here.. she was cute before

  • avatar Sara says:

    She doesn’t even look like the same person! I would have never guessed the before photo to be her. How very plastic she looks now. Why does Hollywood think that the current version of her is even remotely attractive?

  • avatar me says:

    She’s had TWO nose jobs before, chemical peels, her lips plumped, a boob job, dental work, botox, cheek fillers, chin implant/ shaved jawline (she used to have a very square jaw).
    All in 3 years and she’s nearly destroyed all her natural beauty to be something she’s not.

  • avatar Whitecatthorn says:

    I cant believe some people STILL think she’s never had any work done! She started back in 2007 already, at age 21. After each movie, at the premiers she already has a different face. Her face has changed soooooooooo many times it’s scary to think of how much surgery she’s actually had. She looks completely different. She looked best after her first nose job and lip plumping. She should have stopped then.

    After first set of surgery she looked “perfect:”

    Why she had more surgery after that baffles me. Only a shallow and vain person would look in the mirror with that face and not be happy with it. Did she HONESTLY think she could improve her face from looking like that? Either that or she really is trying very hard to look like Angelina.

  • avatar Sheila says:

    What ever she did to her face made her look a lot older than her real age. she just looks strange.

  • avatar julie says:

    she has TOTALLY had surgery. her lips BIG TIME, no pun, and apparently something w/her cheeks. she has a definite boob job. also she got VERY thin which makes her cheekbones stand out. she had a complete restyling of her look as well. the arched dark brows, the veronica lake hairdo died black and 40’s stylized makeup. i think she did have a nose job as well, it is too tiny and too perfect for most to have been blessed w/such a perfect nose. she would NOT be that huge sex symbol if not for all of those changes. the lips most especially. sad statement of our society. become skin and bones, so your facial structure really stands out, inflate your lips like a blow up doll then put on really glamorous makeup and starve yourself, get a boob job (boobs that would never realistically be on a body that thin OR look that good if they did happen to be natural) and voila!!! you’re every man’s fantasy.
    sick sick sick! so many women are deforming themselves to play into men’s dreams and fantasies. do you see men getting dick implants to try to make all women lust after them? no u don’t. in fact do u see men doing much of anything to lure women? not really. and now it’s a given, it’s “expected” for ALL women to measure up to impossible standards.
    i’m curious to see what all these surgery freaks will look like in the distant future and what effects it will have on their health and if the majority of the world will be twisted and plastic.

  • avatar Sheez-Da-Truth says:

    I can see how Hollywood can make you try anything in order to keep your beauty. If your under 30 I think you should stick to creams, and lotions that fight aging. What happened to aging gracefully. Megan was pretty as shyt in transformers now she looks a hot mess!!

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  • avatar Coleen says:

    I agree she has been getting plastic surgery since before Transformers to make her look more appealing. Some guys are so dumb to think she’s natural. She was very pretty in Transformers after the first surgeries but she should have stopped then. I don’t get why someone at 23 or 24 would get all that botox, after all if you’re an actress why would you want to paralyze your face so it won’t make any facial expressions. She should have left well enough alone after the first few procedures, she looks old now, and she didn’t even have to get any more work done.

  • avatar Anonymous says:

    She probably has Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Most people who go overboard with plastic surgery do. That doesn’t make them vain, it means they see a monster, when everyone else sees normal or beautiful.

    • avatar Anne says:

      I 100% agree with you on that! Everyones bashing her, but I truely think its an actual psychological problem that probably became more severe in correlation to her fame; more pressure to look perfect. I think its obvious not just by her one-too-many procedures, but also in her obvious need to stay so thin. I’m not saying she’s annorexic. So far it seems shes pretty good at not going (too) overboard with her thinness, but its something I could see also accelerating into full blown anorexia. BDD seems very likely.

  • avatar sz8 says:

    she totally looks like a duck now. seriously. what has she done th herself, gosh πŸ™

  • avatar Gantheman says:

    There’s no plastic surgery here. I mean, what the hell? The photo above is doctored. Either that or the lighting is really off, because she looks COMPLETELY different if you actually watch the video. And by completely different, I mean not that different from the before photo.
    This site needs to get its facts straight. Any plastic surgery she had was done before she was put in the spotlight.

    • avatar me says:

      Are you blind or stupid???

      She has so much work done since 2007 that you wouldnt believe that it’s the same amount as Heidi Montag minus the lipo. Go get your facts straight before you deny these things. the prrof is there, her face has morphed MANY times over and over, every year she had a different face.

  • avatar julie says:

    she did have all or most of her work before she became famous. that’s WHY she became famous. you’re right, they do doctor photos and say people who haven’t had surgery have. but then there are tons that have that aren’t shown, and/or it’s denied. it’s a plastic world. πŸ˜‰

    • avatar I says:

      No….actually first thing she did was get her lips plumped around June 2007, for the premiers of the first transformers. Then somewhere between august and September she had her first nose job. In 2008 she had botox, a boob job, more lip plumping and in late 2008 she had her second nose job and dental work, as well as something to her jaw / chin because she used to have a round face and now has more of a longer face. In 2009 she continued having botox treatments, getting her lips plumped up and also got chemical peels. in the beginning of this year she had a third nose job, more botox, cheek fillers, lip plumping. If you cant see the difference then I’ll show you pictures to prove it. Anyone who denies her surgery is in denial or blind. One of the two.

  • avatar Good Fox says:

    Megan looks hotter than ever. I hope she gets her lips made bigger again!

  • avatar Goofy says:

    It looks like she doesn’t feel her lips and when she talks it looks like her face is in pain…look what she does with her tounge…like a freaking frog…disgusting…
    So sad how someone can be so shallow and stupid. πŸ™

  • avatar winda says:

    she look like angelina jolie wannabe octo mom

  • avatar julie says:

    i stand corrected “I”, i don’t know the exact time line, i don’t follow her that closely or at all really. i just have been able to tell from what i HAVE seen here and there. i think her natural beauty was much better, or even her partially altered appearance was good. now she’s becoming a science project.
    @good fox: seriously dude? hey, why don’t ALL of us women fill our body w/plastic and other random substances and really try to be walking barbie dolls, maybe even remove some ribs or something to REALLY get that “aspirational” female form, then men like you can be soooooo happy about a big phony, lame, OUTWARD appearance, because THAT is after all what matters in life. how u look, not what you’re like, what you’ve done, who you are or god forbid: INNER beauty! inner beauty? wtf is that? gasp!! we can’t have that. no way. then while we women are at that, i propose that men hit the gym 24/7, invest in some manners, character, personality, etc. (not all men of course, but the majority) and even better, learn some sexual skills (beyond what U need and want), romance, respect and above all, get some PENIS enhancements. what’s good for the goose is good for the gander right? otherwise you would be a huge hypocrite. n’est-ce pas? yes, i think so. i don’t have anything against admiring beauty and good looks (hell i worked in the industry for ages myself, NO, not as talent but i worked on the actors/actresses, beautifying them and trust me, they’re not all that), that’s fine and dandy but what gets me is the fantasy (which i suppose is the point) that all of these “women” are gettable by regular guys, and that’s so not the case. i especially LOVE guys that have nothing to offer at all and then the ones who are TOTAL toads looks wise still thinking they can get this object of their desire, if they only could just meet them. men seem to have no shortage of ego. haha.
    you have a total shot at actually dating your goddess right? because you have money, fame and other things to further her career right or her ambitions? or is it just a stalker/obsessed fan type of worship? yeah, that’s fruitful.
    ps. to the guy i was just addressing, please don’t attempt the old “don’t be a hater, you’re just jealous” or “you’re probably ugly” or the claims along those lines because i’m not any of those things. i’m very attractive (“beautiful” as i’ve been told countless times, though i feel silly proclaiming that, but i’m saying it to ward off what i see as a standard response coming), i just happen to have a brain and morals and am against misogyny and women being looked upon as objects, even the ones who are desiring to be objects. it’s still offensive.
    @anne: i thoroughly agree!! well said girl. πŸ™‚ she IS very very thin and that’s considering the camera fully adds 10-15 lbs. i also feel sorry for many people in the field because they are scrutinized and judged and torn apart so quickly. to be in the public eye to that degree is INSANE!! then u become SO appearance obsessed and try to gain perfection of physicality.
    @gantheman: are u sniffing glue?? pictures or no pictures, u see that girl anywhere, on anything and it is GLARINGLY obvious that she has had work done. sadly, men don’t notice these things often because 1. they are too caught up in the beauty perhaps? so they only see what looks good and appealing to them and nothing beyond. her face IN PERSON (not just pics) is totally different. her nose has been done, her lips have TOTALLY been done, at least a few times and the same w/her breasts, and there is more, but i won’t bother to list what else. obviously botox, restilan, something. that is a fact.

  • avatar jazzyk says:

    She WAS a beautiful girl, now too much surgery and too much weight loss, oh well another one bites the dust.

  • avatar Yulia says:

    Didn’t she get breast implants to? She is beautiful with or with out the plastic surgery anyways

  • avatar Amanda says:

    She looked both beautiful & sweet in the before pic, now she looks plastic & like she’s a real mean b*tch. Heard she was too.

  • avatar Jaslene says:

    The first time I seen Megan Fox I thought she was the prettiest girl ever, And I really looked up to her, she was kind of a role model for me. But now she is way too thin and her personality not the surgeries makes her very unattractive! She needs to start being Megan Fox and quit trying to be a clone of Angelina Jolie. That is a major problem with not just the famous but almost every one, seems like the vast majority of young girls or women want to be clones of someone else, whether it be Pamela Anderson, Marilyn Monroe, Cindy Crawford ect, ect. My point is famous or not we should be ourselves and not try to be someone that we are not. I think the biggest downfall in Megan’s career was her leading role in the lamest movie I have seen to date “Jennifer’s Body” the movie made her look like a beginner, If I had not known better I would have thought it was a movie from the Sy-Fy channel! With that being said, as far as the plastic surgeries go, She really needs to stop because she was very beautiful just the way she was!

  • avatar Vicky says:

    I think they all look like inflatable dolls. And as they age, they go deflating but the lips will be always round and semi-open. Not being able to close their mouths might cause some snore too!

  • avatar Rosetta says:

    She should have stopped awhile ago with the surgery. She looks like a 45 year old woman who is trying to look 25 again with botox and fillers. I have large cheeks like her fake ones and sometimes I hate them, I don’t know why someone would get big cheeks like that on purpose! She is probably going to get even more surgery and end up like Heidi Montag.

  • avatar Frankenstuff says:

    This girl has had a ton of work done on her face. The results are not good and her once lovely face is gone forever.

  • avatar Dora Glasberg says:

    Megan had her nose refined. Period.

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