Designer Dimples (What Will They Think of Next?!)


Dimpleplasty is a type of cosmetic surgery where a surgeon surgically makes a permanent dimple in your cheek. This fairly new procedure has resurfaced and has been gaining in popularity lately. Celebrities like Jennifer Garner, Mario Lopez and Cheryl Tweedy are said to be the driving factor behind this resurgence of people wanting to have “designer dimples”.

Here is a video showing the dimpleplasty procedure and the before and after results (which looks surprisingly good!):

Originally, when a dimpleplasty was performed, the dimple would show at all times (where as a natural dimple usually only shows when you smile), but plastic surgeons are improving on this technic and a skilled surgeon can now get the man-made dimple to act more like a natural dimple.

The cost of these designer dimples is not cheap and will run you $2,000 – $5,000 per dimple.

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