Has Jada Pinkett Smith Had Plastic Surgery?


Some of our readers think that Jada Pinkett Smith has had a nose job, what do you think?

jada pinket smith plastic surgery

If Jada has indeed had rhinoplasty surgery, her surgeon did a very good job at keeping her facial proportions in balance. In addition to a possible nose job, it also appears that she’s had some facial fillers (in the nasal labial folds around her mouth) and perhaps some botox. Jada Pinkette Smith is 38 years old, and looks amazing!

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  • avatar Fern says:

    Oh she SO has! And so has Halle Berry. They call it a “refinement”.

  • avatar Miko says:

    I do not think she’s had plastic surgery. I am a African-American woman and if a woman of African-American decent takes care of herself she will age gracefully. Which is what I think she has done.

    • avatar commonsense says:

      No sis,..African American do age gracefully, but some Black celebrities did have plastic surgery. Patti Labelle, Janet & LaToya Jackson, George Benson to name a few had nose jobs. Now we can Jada to the list.

  • avatar YvOnne says:

    I don’t think she’s had it either. In the first picture her head is tilted further down and her smile is wider making it look as if her nose is flatter and wider.

  • avatar Kennard says:

    I dont think so and even if she did, its extremely subtile. Not all that crazy mess where you cant even recognize the person anymore.

  • avatar Lorraine Jackson says:

    She has deinitely had plastic surgery. I hope she stops there!!

  • avatar Nicole says:

    I don’t know if she has had plastic surgery or not but she looks great.

  • avatar Madam says:

    Very good genes, that’s for sure, but she was a beauty queen! Doesn’t look like she’s changed anything surgically. Different makeup palatte and hair…plus age. Looks less young and edgy in the second photo.

  • avatar dominique says:


    ^jada pickett’s first modelling pics. DEFINITE nose job.

  • avatar Jay says:

    Definitely!!!! The cheekbones, nose and perhaps mouth. Her mouth now looks like Cher. She was beautiful and should not have changed a thing. She looked better before. Didn’t she know that most AA women we look better as we age????

  • avatar kell says:

    Jada was always beauitful

    she has definately had a nose job and chin implant

    (they are always done together for balance)

    Her doc is very talented…

    very tatefully done

    now if she could just promise to never ever attempt sing again

    all will be well

  • avatar Pam Taylor says:

    Jada has had her cheeks filled and they look like they are filled with cement. She looked better on the left. I hope she stops before she starts to look like Joan Collins.

  • avatar Pam Taylor says:

    She has had some work

  • avatar auvril43 says:

    I was wondering if anyone else notice. You need to look at 2010,2011 photos she has really gone crazy with the cheek fillers.

  • avatar Debbie says:

    ok i know every one noticed her cheeks. she couldn’t hardly close her mouth. she needs to stop it. she was so beautiful. now she looks fake and hard.

  • avatar bootsie says:

    She hasn’t had any surgery. She lost quite a bit of weight, which made her cheeks more hollowed, and made her bones protrude. Basic biology, phenomenal makeup and good genes, that’s why she looks as she does. In the modeling picture, she was heavier, younger and lighter (she’s actually fair skinned, but wears a bronzer).

    And even if she did, who cares? Why does everyone have to comment on everything a celebrity does? Get a life, people, or at least fill your own with something more productive thank these shenanigans.

  • avatar bootsie says:


  • avatar Nicole says:

    She definitely had something done to her cheeks

  • avatar kc says:

    cheek implants for certain!

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