Sheyla Hershey’s Boob Obsession Almost Killed Her


sheyla hersey big boobsSheyla Hershey…I don’t even now how to describe this hot mess. She claims to be a model, but in reality she is just a housewife in Texas that fulfills her need for attention by getting porn star sized breast implants. Most of her “modeling” pictures are pictures she has taken of herself in her bathroom, with a point and shoot camera. Classy.

Sheyla is 30 years old and has had TEN breast enlargement surgeries. She has to fly to Brazil to get her boob job fix, because the United States does not allow plastic surgeons to inject more then one gallon of silicon into breast implants. The Brazilian version of Guinness Book of World Records awarded Sheyla with the record for the largest breast implants after she increased her cup size to 38KKK. But, Sheyla apparently thought her breasts were still too small and decided to undergo yet ANOTHER breast enlargement surgery in July 2010. This most recent surgery did not go so well and Sheyla contracted a staph infection (which can be fatal). Sheyla is currently in a Houston hospital, were surgeons have removed her gigantic breast implants in an attempt to stop the infection. There is a possibility that Sheyla will still have to have one, or both, of her breasts removed in an attempt to save her life.

If Sheyla makes it through this mess, I wonder if she’s stupid enough to have more plastic surgery?

More pictures of Shayla “modeling”:

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