LLoyd Klein is a 43-year-old French Canadian fashion designer that appears to have recently undergone some unfortunate plastic surgery. It appears that Lloyd has had his cheeks and lips plumped (which always looks ridiculous on men!), a nose job and his eyes have also been lifted, which could be the result of a brow lift, or full face lift. From the awkward tightness of his face, I would say that he did opt for the full facelift.

lloyd klein plastic surgery pictures

At first I was a bit confused as to why a successful, talented fashion designer like Lloyd Klein would do something so surgically ridiculous to his face, but as I delved deeper into the facts it all started to make sense…Lloyd Klein dates the women with the worlds worst plastic surgery: Jocelyn Wildenstein!

Lloyd Klein in 2006 with his girlfriend Jocelyn Wildenstein:
lloyd klein plastic surgery jocelyn wildenstein

If Lloyd is indeed getting plastic surgery tips from Jocelyn Wildenstein I would have to assume the he is either mentally retarded or suffering from some psychological disorder. Hopefully Lloyd’s family will stage some sort of intervention before he turns into Jocelyn’s dream man…Catman!

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