Leslie Ash Whines about Her Bad Lip Implants


Leslie Ash is an English actress that starred on the sitcom “Men Behaving Badly”. Leslie is 50 years old and looks ridiculous after having too much plastic surgery.

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Leslie agrees that plastic surgery has disfigured her face and regrets getting silicon lip implants, but she feels that the ridicule that she’s faced in the media is unjust, and said:

If I’d lost a leg in a car crash, people wouldn’t have felt able to take the mickey out of me so mercilessly….People don’t laugh at Heather Mills because she lost a leg.

Well Leslie, that is probably because Heather Mills lost her leg after being hit by a car. You, on the other hand, paid a plastic surgeon to butcher your face. So, yeah…I think you need to come up with a better analogy then that, you vapid c$%^.

And even though Leslie has made a big whiney stink about how bad her lip implants turned out, she obviously still gets Botox and filler injected into her face and has recently said that she wouldn’t rule out getting a facelift in the future. What an idiot.

In other news…Doesn’t it look like Leslie Ash and Meg Ryan got their lip implants from the same doctor?

megan ryan leslie ash lip implants


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  • avatar ALEX13 says:

    There Plastic Surgeons are related.

  • avatar ALEX13 says:

    She still gets botox injections even though she’s allergic she says that it make her feels better about herself even with the facial paralysis. Dumb Cunt!!!!!

  • avatar ALEX13 says:

    Why is she comparing herself to Heather Mills. A leg loss isn’t like a FUGLY person

  • avatar ALEX13 says:

    She’s getting the facelift this year.

  • avatar Brah says:

    Jesus… I don’t know how she can possibly compare going to get cosmetic surgery willingly, by her own choice, to having a leg severed in a car accident. She was actually pretty before, now she frightens me.

  • avatar Stephanie says:

    Can someone explain why botox causes bat brow? Why do the brows always slant down towards the nose when botox is injected in that part of the face. Bat brow looks terrible.

  • avatar Mandy says:

    I think Leslie and Meg Ryan had the same surgeon as carrot top…..

  • avatar Carlos says:

    Wow!! Do you see the similarities in their smiles !! If I had a yap like that I would never smile again !! both Leslie and Meg look like evil twins that were fathered by Jack Nicholson when he played the joker in the batman movie-( wait till they get a load of me now ) I think that was Jack’s famous line after his disconfiguraton in the movie. I think this should be Leslie’s and Meg’s new motto. Why,why,why!!! They both were gorgeous before their surgery. Hey, if anyone else out there in Hollywood wants to be beat up with an ugly stick, contact me, I’ll do it for half the price of your plastic surgeon.

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