Ashley Holmes Gets An Unnecessary Nose Job


ashley holmes rhinoplastyAshley Holmes is the daughter of Jacqueline Laurita and they both appear on the reality show “The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Ashley is 19 years old and even though she acts like a snotty, whiny brat, her mom and stepdad spoil her by buying her anything she wants. They even bought Ashley a brand new SUV and gave it to her after acknowledging that she acts like a self-righteous spoiled little girl. (Gee, I wonder why…)

Well, we can now add “plastic surgery” to the long list of things that mommy and daddy have bought Ashley. Ashley Holmes recently underwent rhinoplasty surgery and in typical spoiled rich girl fashion, she posted a picture of her bandaged up nose on her Facebook page. It pretty sad that unnecessary plastic surgery is something for rich kids to brag about nowadays. Remember when parents used to instill self esteem in their children by teaching them that they are pretty and perfect just the way they are? I guess giving your kid plastic surgery is just easier?

Even worse is that Ashley’s nose job did absolutely nothing to improve her looks. I think she looks way, way better before she underwent the rhinoplasty surgery. Her new nose is too small for her face and makes her face look round and pudgy. What do you think of Ashley’s new nose?

ashley holmes nose job

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  • avatar Brah says:

    I totally agree, now her nose is out of balance with her face and makes it look chubby. Her old nose seemed to be perfectly straight and pretty. Plus, for a rich kid, it’s pretty trashy to post a picture of your bandaged nose of FB.

  • avatar Ally says:

    I had to have surgery for serious sinus issues along with a deviated septum. FYI – it does not mean/include rhinoplasty. It is not something to joke about. Surgery to prevent infection to the brain. I guess that’s the PC way of explaining away a nose job. This is a Jennifer Grey case. Would never have known who that was. Changed the look of her entire face and identity. BAD CHOICE!!! Is this how a parent rewards aggressive, out of control, obnoxious teenage behavior??? Plastic surgery??? THE GIRL BARELY MADE IT THROUGH HIGH SCHOOL. PAY FOR AN EDUCATION, NOT PLASTIC SURGERY!

  • avatar Brian2010 says:

    Her nose looked smaller before and after.

  • It’s hard to tell based on the angle of the before photo. Any side profile shots?

  • avatar adreamer says:

    I agree, the new nose looks completely off. She looked much better before.

    Maybe she’s taking a page out of Danielle’s book ::shudder::

  • avatar Mina says:

    Those pictures are both after her surgery!

  • avatar Plastic says:

    I always wonder why no one says anything about how terrible her mom’s nose is (Jacqueline). Now her nose is a nightmare. It looks like a surgeon sliced off a chunk off it and now it is sloped and looks like a pony.

  • avatar Byron says:

    LOL, you guys are retarted. Old nose was straight and pretty? You blind braaah?? Her nose was terrible pre-surgery. It was freakin HUGE and mis-shaped. She def looks MUCH better now. She actually looks pretty. pretty f _ _ _ able!

  • avatar Karen D says:

    Nothing could help her yuck

  • avatar andrea says:

    Always wondered if her mom had had one. Ashleys old nose made her look alternative,edgy, cool.

    Now she looks more girly dolled up type of look.

  • avatar Danielle says:

    Ughh! She should have gotten an entire face job! That girl is butt-ugly before & after!

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