Audrina’s New Lips Look Good


Audrina Patridge has been spending quite a bit of time at the plastic surgeon’s office these last couple of years. And while I don’t really see the point in Audrina being famous (why does America keep making talentless rich kids famous by giving them reality shows?), I do think the lip injections that she has been getting are an improvement to her face.

audrina patridge lips

Audrina naturally has really thin lips and the plumper version makes her look more sultry and less girl-next-door-cute. The problem I have with lip injections is that it’s a temporary procedure. So once you get it done, and you like the look, you constantly want to get more injections to keep up your pretty pout. My prediction is that Audrina’s lips will look ridiculous within 2 years time.

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  • avatar lynn says:

    you are an idiot whoever you are that wrote this blogg or stupid ass article, Audrina was in charactor for a movie and had a certain look, what a cheap shot and we love her lips her total person 100%….. as for your opionin go stuff it up ur axx. LOSER Team Audrinaxoxoxoxoxo

    • avatar Angie says:

      Shut the fuck up stop licking audrinas ass, she looks fine everyone said we are pointing out that it will look bad soon, you fucking…. IDIOT!

  • avatar Raze says:

    @lynn— Who is “we”? I don’t love her. I have no reason to love or idolize someone who is famous for absolutely nothing but being rich and “pretty” and using their looks to get by. I have no reason to love or idolize a person who is holding on to said looks for dear life because they have no substance or education to fall back on. And before you think it, no I’m not ugly or jealous. I think she looks nice. The author of the blog said so as well, so I don’t understand why you’ve got your panties in a twist.

  • avatar Ann Onymous says:

    It’s obvious in her new Bongo ads, too:

    Overall, I think it’s an improvement, but you’re right that she will probably go overboard. They usually do.

  • avatar Gwen says:

    So why is she famous?
    #1. She isn’t pretty
    #2. She can’t act/sing
    #3. She has NO body before plastic surgery

    What has this world come to?
    Talentless rich kids getting all this attention.
    Maybe, if she wasn’t on the hills, she wouldn’t of gotten breast implants and lip injections

    Plus, on Dancing With The Stars (how she made it on the show, i’ll never know) he left breast looked inflated; thats what happens

  • avatar Raze says:

    Well, to be fair “Dancing With The Stars” from what I have seen, never has any real “stars”, just a bunch of D-listers and has-beens.

  • avatar Amanda says:

    She is downright ugly in the 1st pic & retarded all the time.

  • avatar Boner says:

    She looks the same to me….maybe i’m just oblivious too it, and too Amanda, your the one sitting on your computer…typing up a message just to call someone retarded, who simply doesn’t care. She gets paid to do that, do you get paid to be retarded? I didn’t think so, Audrina gets 100 K just to show up somewhere, how much do you get? Nothing? Thought so :).

  • avatar ZOMG i dislike Audrina says:

    @Bomer: Are you paid to defend Audrina? You sound like her publicist. I don’t understand how someone can get 100K merely for “showimg up somewhere”, even for a club or promotional event. Audrina is a shallow, self-obsessed brat like all the Hills girls. Although I don’t believe in calling someone ‘retarded’, Audrina is clearly not of high mental caliber.

  • avatar Dwight says:

    Audrina is beautiful. She has the face of an angel and such a smoking hot body. I don’t think she has had any work on her lips. She is a natural beauty. Audrina has such an awesome sense of style. She always looks good and in style. I loved Audrina on The Hills and in Sorority Row. She is a very talented actress and I expect big things from her in the future. Rock on, Audrina!!!!

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