Tara Reid’s Drunken Botox Face


tara reid botox faceTara Reid recently got wasted on some yacht and showed of her new face. Looks like Tara has recently been Botoxed and had her lips plumped (which came out a bit uneven). All in all, she doesn’t look too bad when she is smiling, but any other facial expression and she looks like she has Bell’s Palsy.

Apparently Tara didn’t learn her lesson about plastic surgery, after receiving bad liposuction and botched breast implants, and she obviously didn’t learn anything in rehab, as she continues to get wasted and party her face off. Way to go Tara. At least you’re a little less wrinkly then you were last year?

More pictures of a drunk Tara Reid on a boat. Weeeeee.

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  • avatar Kori says:

    To be honest, she looks a shitload better with the botox. LOL

  • avatar Raze says:

    What is she like 32? She looks at best, like a well-preserved mid-40 something.
    Don’t do drugs, kids!

  • avatar haze says:

    compare her eyes to the other ppl in the pics


  • avatar Michael Dubey says:

    Just seeing the previews on the movie DVD at the beginning of the movie makes me smile. Ryan Reynolds is my favorite actor ever and Tara Reid looks so beautiful. A drawback would be that she definitely isn’t interested in all of me. I would say that Ryan Reynolds is my favorite male actor ever with such a friendly comedic side. Also Tara Reid looks amazing and so perfect. I know that I don’t stand a chance to even meet her, but I thank her for putting a smile on my face. Ryan Reynolds would be my favorite actor ever. I think the cologn blow scene is hilarious. Ryan Reynolds seems to have quite the most mature actor and when he’s running to the bathroom is so hilarious. I will say that Van Wilder is my favorite movie ever. Thank you for being an actor in Van Wilder. I would put Ryan Reynolds is my favorite actor and Gwen looks beautiful. 🙂

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