Nicole Kidman Tones Down The Plastic Surgery


Nicole Kidman’s surgically “enhanced” face is looking a little bit better lately. While she still looks over-done, she looks less like Carrot Top’s crazy sister that got sold to the carnies (see 2007 photo).

nicole kidman plastic surgery face

It looks like Nicole got a tad less botox this time around and has had her bad lip augmentation fixed.

Nicole Kidman used to be such a unique beauty, all of the plastic surgery that she has had truly is a shame. Even though she adamantly denies having any plastic surgery and claims to be “completely natural” (I’m sorry, Nicole, do you think the world is blind?!), you can tell that Nicole has had major botox, fat injections in her cheeks, breast implants and lip augmentation.

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  • avatar Gabe says:

    These superstars sure know how to screw their own faces hahaha

  • avatar tamara says:

    If only she could bring back her original upper lip she’d look spectacular.

  • avatar Late Responer says:

    That 2007 picture is really scary looking. She looks really old and kinda witchy.

  • avatar James says:

    She’s obviously spent way too much time looking at herself. Which is hard to avoid since she’s in movies i guess. But still, when you look at something too much it distorts. The photo on the left looks like a totally different person. The freak in the middle and the slightly lesser freak on the right are just ridiculous. What makes people do that? It has to be the distortion thing. How the fuck could anyone look at a face like the one on the left, and decide it needs to be messed with so it looks like the abomination in the middle?

  • avatar coll says:

    This trio of pictures is a little disingenuous for comparison. Of course her cheeks are going to look bigger in pics where she’s smiling vs pics with no smile and her mouth open…everybody’s cheeks puff up when they smile.

    There’s a well known pic of her from when she’s 16 and had wild, curly and frizzy hair. And guess what? She got a big smile…and big chipmunk cheeks.

    Not to say she’s had no injections…but not that much.

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