Did Julia Roberts Have Plastic Surgery?


Julia Roberts recently gave an interview to Elle Magazine where she touched on the subject of plastic surgery:

It’s unfortunate that we live in such a panicked, dysmorphic society where women don’t even give themselves a chance to see what they’ll look like as older persons. I want to have some idea of what I’ll look like before I start cleaning the slates. I want my kids to know when I’m pissed, when I’m happy, and when I’m confounded. Your face tells a story… and it shouldn’t be a story about your drive to the doctor’s office.

While I agree with Julia’s view on plastic surgery, it sounds sort of silly coming from someone that had her lip augmented early in her career? Here is a comparison of Julia Roberts face in high school and in 2009:

julia roberts plastic surgery

Judging from the pictures, it certainly looks like Julia has had her lips enlarged! What do you think? Is Julia Roberts au natural, or has she had plastic surgery?

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  • avatar Sara says:

    I think her lip definitely looks larger! I’d like to see some in between photos – say Pretty Woman era and then Erin Brockvich era. It might be the angle, but I think her nose looks different too.

  • avatar Brah says:

    Her lip looks like Nicole Kidman’s, so that’s a bad thing. Plus, her nose really does look different.

  • avatar sophiezach says:

    Don’t be a hater…Julie Roberts just has a nice wide smile. She does not have the full(over blown-up)lips.

  • avatar Chuck says:

    She had her nose fixed, and lip injections. Everyone in Hollywood has had work done.

  • avatar Genevieve says:

    Nose, lips eyes. All done very early in her career and requiring constant maintenence. Now she looks very odd and plastic.Eat Pray Love Nip Tuck.

  • avatar cils says:

    Saw Eat, pray, love last night…loved the film, loved the actors and the scenery. But Julia’s lips were so distracting!!!! She can’t really think that looks good, can she?

    • avatar stani says:

      Exactly! I just saw the new movie yesterday and all I could think of was, yuk, look at those lips! meh

      • avatar Jill Lobo says:

        Just saw Eat,Pray,Love and was so distracted by the lips. It took away my concentration because the enlarged size looked like a deformity. Maybe I’m sensitive to the “swollen lip” look due to an accident I had in college with cadaver formaldehyde. Apparently I had touched the cadaver and then my lips–causing extreme swelling and pain. That’s what swollen lips remind me of—and it’s NOT pretty. Of course, Julia’s had a few nose alterations, but she seemed to try to keep her original shape. However, now her nose is too small for her face–her profile–and a lot of “Julia” is lost. But the lips, it’s like she’s making a funny face…the top lip is ridiculous. Okay, so the skin treatments look great, but why mess with the great structure she had?

        Just a comment. Lush lips are NOT worth the deformity of expression. An enlarged upper lip also hides the top teeth in normal smile expressions. Do they have a different mirror and do they ever watch themselves on camera–talking?

    • avatar Sharon says:

      Gosh, me too! I just saw the movie and I could NOT stop fixationg on her horrible upper lip. At times you could not even see her top teeth. It was absolutely distracting.

  • avatar Raze says:

    Overrated, bad actress. Her characters are never really deep. Just like Aniston, all she is good for is romantic comedies. She is aging well, plastic surgery or not, although she is not pretty. Het mouth is huge, and I always found it to be creepy and distracting.

  • avatar Cinemaxine says:

    I saw Eat Pray Love last night and her top lip really ruined the film for me. I enjoyed the book and the movie, but Julia Roberts’s lip is far too distracting. It was as if the producer had chosen a woman with one eye out to star in the role. Or a woman with a bad cleft palate. I have nothing against wounds and differences, but you might not choose someone with such facial disfiguration to star in a big movie like that.

    I just kept staring at that huge moonshaped THING over her mouth. From the side it looked like a cancerous swelling. Why doesn’t she have it fixed to resemble a human mouth again?

  • avatar L. says:

    Oh come on…like it’s not normal for your face to change a bit in what, 30 years? Besides, that picture of her in high school is really unclear, you can’t even see her properly. Some women are just naturally beautiful, face it! Julia Roberts has always seemed to me to be a strong, confident, sincere and beautiful woman. So no, I don’t think she’s had surgery.

  • avatar Nancy says:

    I just saw her in Eat, Pray, Love and her lips looked plumper than before — in fact, they looked really ugly to me. She used to have very thin lips on a huge wide mouth (perfect match for Lyle Lovett’s mouth). SHe had something done to make her lips look swollen. Yuck.

  • avatar Foreign says:

    Did you know that lips actually get thiner as we age? And yes Julia’s lips look a lot thiner in her high school picture! Makes you wonder…
    I wish she would be honest and tell the truth, what’s the problem with that?

  • avatar Debbie says:

    I agree with cils and cinemaxine. I just got back from watching Eat, Pray, Love and I couldn’t stop looking at her upper lip. It really was distracting. I’ve never had that happen when I’ve watched her other movies, so this has to be an augmentation.

  • avatar mswindsor says:

    Her lips look like an ass.

  • avatar Janice Smith says:

    My friend and I watched Eat Pray Love and were stunned by Robert’s lip. In one scene there was a closeup of the lip from the side and a ridge is painfully obvious. I can’t understand why they did so many closeups. Praise God toward the end the lighting dimmed and helped us finish the movie. I assume people with money can always fix what they have messed up and I pray she is able to.

  • avatar psychobee says:

    have you seen love pray and whatever, her latest endeavor? her upper lip is way out of proportion and not very pretty. probably some botox as well.
    and judginf from the pics above, defintely a nose job but a long time ago. but i mean which hollywood star didnt have something done?

  • avatar aretheyreal says:

    I just watched Ocean’s 11 (2001) and couldn’t believe her lips! Does she really think this looks good?

    Here is a screenshot.


  • avatar JMM in Dallas says:

    I just finished watching Eat Pray Love and I was distracted throughout the entire movie by Julia’s upper lip. Julia’s upper lip looked like a duck’s bill. Her smile lacked the flexibility and expression that a smile normally reflects and when she talks it looks like her lip gets in the way. Whatever was done to her upper lip should be “undone” ASAP. In my opinion, a deformity was created rather than an enhancement. This is NOT the upper lip that was in Pretty Woman which I’ve seen a million times.

    • avatar Nancy says:

      Yes, her top lip ruined the ENTIRE movie. It was so distracting. It was exactly like hiring an actress with a cleft palate to star in a movie. The picture someone posted above shows how her upper lip is like a giant THING on her face, way too close to her nose, way bigger than her bottom lip, something that doesn’t happen in real life.

      She needs to do what Lisa Rinna did and try to have it undone. She has deformed herself.

      It does look like a duck’s bill. Who convinced her to do this awful thing to her pretty face?

  • avatar sharon says:

    I’m a bit late with the comment but oh yes, I thought it was just me noticing this sort of thing but Julia Roberts’ top lip is completely out of proprotion in Eat Pray Love. It made her look as though she was making a disapproving facial expression all through the movie. And yes it is distracting because unless you are watching the movie on a small personal DV D player the image will be larger than life and therefore a larger distraction. Surely these professional actors and directors and producers understand that. Its a visual medium.

  • avatar marli says:

    LETS GET REAL !!! Look at her. No one in reality has s top-lip ten times larger than the bottom lip!! This is a dead-give-away!!! She is white and has a top lip like a black!! The top lip is always much smaller than the bottom lip.
    NOT 10 times larger and blown up!!
    It is a disgusting look. Why is she not satisfied with looking white?
    This look on her is not PRETTY.
    It actually looks gross.

    • avatar Piper says:

      Not all black people want to look white, thank you. Some of us are just find with the way we look. I can’t figure out if she’s had work done or not. Who cares!

  • avatar Raze says:

    You could have gotten you point across without all of the racist assumptions. ^

  • avatar mitzi says:

    QUOTE “Maybe I’m sensitive to the “swollen lip” look due to an accident I had in college with cadaver formaldehyde” …from comment above by Jill Lobo


  • avatar Mar says:

    Julia’s lips in EAT PRAY LOVE– let’s wake up and smell the coffee! When a woman’s top lip is TEN times ‘bigger’ than her bottom lip–they were surgically enlargened!! It looks gross. Her top lip keeps getting larger with each movie. It looks like someone took a huge punch at her top lip, and it is swollen! She should have just done a little bit on each lip, not gone nuts!

  • avatar James says:

    As a man I am so disappointed Julia had to deform her top lip to look grotesque. She is to be a role model to young girls to feel good enough about them self. But at least she did not deform herself further by adding breast implants. GOOD for her! James Clark

  • avatar Claire says:

    Every woman would love to have thinner refined lips like Julia used to have. Too bad she changed them. It does not become her.

  • avatar jenne says:

    Everyone needs to stop being so critical I don’t see any difference plus its a damn black n white photo how the hell can you even tell? Stop nip picking out flows unless you wanna post your pics up so we can all point out what’s wrong with you…sorry but I just hate how women are nowadays constantly pointing out flaws cuz it makes you guys feel better I guess idk but Julia Roberts isvery gorgeous and she looks the same to me nuff said

  • avatar gilly says:

    just watching eat pray love, lips are totally wierd looking and distracting.

  • avatar renee lampros says:

    I just wondered how she got the scar by her eye. I think in Eat Pray Love she looks thin to the point of looking guant. Maybe that’s why her lips stand out more. I hope she isn’t too exhausted and is well.

  • avatar stephanie says:

    wow> I do not think she had any sort of work done… definitely not her lips… This is normal aging and different camera angles. Shes always had large lips and a large smile… thats what shes famous for.

  • avatar An says:

    I don’t like her augmented lips (and all the other girls’: Lisa R., Angelina J., Nicole K., etc.). They don’t look normal. She already had a large mouth, when she laughs she looks like a horse. Sorry for the expression. Large lips just make her mouth look even bigger. Not pretty. She was very pretty on her high school picture. She should have waited to see what she was going to look like when she got older, like she said in the interview.

  • avatar HImom says:

    YES!!! THANK YOU!!! It’s bugged me for years, wondering if she’s had that lip done. I knew it was! I knew it, I knew it. Thank you for the high school picture. Yeah, her nose looks different too.

  • avatar schimmelpilz says:

    volle lippen sind schön ! aber die hat einfach nen furchtbar breiten mund die kann ja ne banane quer essen bäh

  • avatar gina says:

    I just saw Julia in Eat Pray Love~~Her beautiful face changed possible due to too much lip work. She could invest in bigger breast and leave the lip service out:))

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