Sofia Vergara Tells It Like It Is


Natural beauty Sofia Vergara had some pretty candid things to say about the plastic surgery trend in Hollywood and even called out Madonna in a recent interview with Esquire Magazine.

Sofia Vergara versus Madonna
sofia versus madonna

When asked about the plastic surgery craze, 38-year-old Sofia said, “Women all look the same now…That thing with the cheeks. Like Madonna. Who do they think they’re fooling? It doesn’t make them look young. You end up looking like a freak.”

When asked for comment on the interview, Madonna’s rep responded, “Meow, Ms. Vergara.”

Well, Madonna (and Heather Locklear and Lisa Rinna and Meg Ryan, etc. etc. etc.), someone had to say it. It’s just sad that these stars are surrounded by people that tell them that they look great after these cosmetic procedures, when in fact they look like desperate freaks.

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  • avatar Chuck says:

    Sofia Vergara looks like she had some eye work done, and let’s see how she looks so “refreshed” in 10-15 years. As for Madonna so what if she has had work done, every 1 has. Personally I think she is beautiful. Keep it up M.

    • Yes, I agree…It’s easy to be “against” plastic surgery when you are naturally beautiful and are in your 30’s. It will be interesting to see if Sofia doesn’t change her mind in a few years. Hopefully she doesn’t! 🙂

    • avatar Zelig says:

      I’ve never been a Madonna fan – but I did recognize a natural sexiness before she became famous but I think the most telling comment I can make is that before I saw that it was Madonna being referred to, I thought that picture next to Sofía’s was Courtney Love. Now that’s scary.
      And women can age without resorting to surgery that, as Sofia rightly said, makes the women and men look like freaks.
      One has to wonder how people this wealthy receive such brutally negative results.

  • avatar Jill says:

    Ugh. Madonna looks RIDICULOUS! I don’t give a rip whether people get plastic surgery or not, but Sophia is right! They all look the same…and they don’t look younger! They look like desperate, middle-aged women with Halloween masks shoved under their skin. It’s creepy as shit.

    • avatar Zelig says:

      Could not agree more. How can they look at themselves and not see the radical and unfortunately, downward spiral that the surgery caused?

  • avatar Dr D says:

    There is a “happy medium” you know…

  • avatar Jasmine says:

    Who is she kidding? She has the fakest tits I have ever seen and she has also definitely had work done to her face.

  • avatar Donna says:

    Sofia’s boobs are not fake. Why do people assume that if you have big boobs that they can’t be real? Jealous?

  • avatar Lia says:

    No, Sofia’s boobs are real..she made herself popular for her boobs back in the 90’s on a Pepsi commercial in Colombia (S/A).
    I am sure that she may use enhancements to make them more relevant but they are not fake. I would not be surprise to hear that she wear the Nosesecret nose reshapers to refined her nose thought. HEr nose was different back then.

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