Tila Tequila Shows Off Her Injuries…And New Lips!


Tila Tequila attempted to perform (uh…she’s a gangsta rapper now, okay?) at the Gathering of the Juggalos, which is a four-day festival for The Insane Clown Posse fans. Tila’s presence didn’t go over well with the crowd and they proceeded to pelt her with anything they could get their hands on. Tila even tried to win the crowd over by flashing her giant breast implants, and when that failed she retreated to her trailer. In true, Tila fashion, her version of the story keeps getting crazier and crazier as she tries to make some money off of this by suing the promotors and selling pictures of her injuries to the gossips mags.

After scanning the pictures Tila took of the scratches and bruises she received, it looks like she is adding to her list of plastic surgeries/cosmetic procedures. In addition to undergoing at least two boob jobs, it looks like Tila has started to rework her face. She is sporting a new set of plumped up lips and her jawline looks a bit different. I’m wondering if she had the same procedure as Charice Pempengo?

tila tequila lip injections

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  • avatar zoe says:

    the girl was attack so her face is swollen but its not from surgery!

  • avatar Brah says:

    Her nose is bigger in the right picture, so it’s probably just swelling.

  • avatar Raze says:

    The girl is annoying and a total attention whore, but I’m sorry for the way she was treated at this event. I don’t think she had plastic surgery on her face. It looks like she’s just swollen from being pelted in the face with objects.
    She looks to be nearly in tears. I hate to see anyone like that.

  • avatar vivian says:

    ewww. her eyes look like they been done cus the crease is so thick and its different from the before picture even tho she has makeup on the crease isnt as intense

  • avatar Pat says:

    Definitely got plastic surgery on her face (lips for sure, cheek bones also more pronounced than before) by looking at her in this recent video

  • avatar Vic says:

    poor girl, i know a lot of people hate her, but i hate when men atack women, she is really injured here

    • avatar jezzezz says:

      shes a fucking dumbass bitch only juggalo srh and fans of the musik go to gatherings shez fuking pop not horrorcore she deserverd it for being something shes not

  • avatar m says:

    She looked better before, IMO.

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