Geri Halliwell’s New Spice Rack


Looks like Geri Halliwell has followed in the footsteps of fellow Spice Girls Melanie Brown and Victoria Beckham, and has gotten herself some new boobs.

“Hello Boobies, my name is Geri…So happy to have you aboard!”Geri Halliwell Boob Job

Personally, I think 38-year old Geri looked better before the fake boobs. Breast implants are just too obvious and in your face on a women with so little body fat.

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  • avatar Lily says:

    I don’t really understand why some women with breasts implants can still manage to get married to some very rich men and stay happy in marrige, like some footballers wives and this one. I really really couldn’t get my head around on this, kinda mysterious to me. But again I am not some sort of creature who is qualified to judge on love, am I?

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