Hilary Duff Has New Boobs


Well, I guess the rumors about Hilary Duff wanting to get plastic surgery for her wedding were true. Hilary stepped out in Hollywood yesterday sporting a new pair of boobs.

hilary duff boob job

Really, Hilary? New boobs for your wedding? That’s just kind of sad…

More pictures of Hilary Duff before she got breast implants:

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  • avatar Whitecatthorn says:

    I think she’s had more than that done, she looks quite different from a few years ago.

  • avatar Chuck 67 says:

    1st the horse teeth, then new teeth, then a little botox and now this. She is just a typical girl in Hollyweird.

  • avatar Sara says:

    I don’t think the boob job looks awful. They aren’t looking like bolted on melons.

    Maybe it’s the angle, but it looks like she’s had a nose job too.

  • avatar Raze says:

    It’s called weight gain. Look at her arms in the first pic and look at her arms in the second “boob job” pic. She’s heavier. Most women will go up a cup size or two if they gain weight. I did. I went from a D-cup to a DD/E from gaining 15 lbs. You can’t take a picture from her “scary skinny” era and put it side-by-side with a healthy weight picture of her and say she had a boob job.

  • avatar Vicky says:

    I agree with Raze- and I can’t believe that this site doesn’t grasp the real huge difference between the old and new Hilary. She clearly has had weight issues over the years and in the past year has gained a lot back. Back when she was a teen she had some sizeable boobs, but she also weighed a lot more- so people should get by now what her body looks like super skinny(small chest) and average(average chest). If there was anything she was doing before the wedding, it was trying to lose weight- her arms are WAY bigger from the old photo to her recent photos. And I’d know that kind of bra anywhere- it’s a lined demi bra, if not fully padded. You can tell from the clear line it makes at the top of the cups. Girl just gained weight and is wearing some extra padding to make her waist look smaller for the photogs. Better luck next time, Plastic Sherlock.

  • avatar Ray1997 says:

    I agree with Raze and Vicky, it’s weight gain. I think she looks healthier, because in the before picture she weighted like 90something pounds. But now she’s the 100’s zone. Good for her.

  • avatar The Source says:

    As others have said weight gain and my addition to the difference is a wonderbra I spy. But she definitely had teeth worked on apparent while watching her in her last movie.

  • avatar Abby says:

    Why are people SO idiotic? She did not have anything else done. You guys have no idea how hairstyles/bangs impact the face and she is really fit rn. I’m putting her somewhere in between B/C cup. She looks just like Lizzie McQuire days if you look at the bangs. And, really how pathetic to use different angles to make them look more pronounced. How do you figure she looks more cleavage-y one day and two days, not so much? oh yeah she probably gets them done every week *sheesh* people, please use common sense. You can see the top in the last pic is a kind of top that makes your boobs look bigger (I have a couple just like that form fitting tops and they make your boobs looks bigger than a regular t shirt. Not to mention the first pic likely has no bra on and was what 5 years ago? guess what, boobs do grow early 20s. When she lost a bit of weight for the wedding, you can see her face get narrower, this does not happen if you get your facial features done/botox.
    lol, she was pictured practically every day working out idiots, when do you suppose she had anything done?

    now to prove further (she actually looks bigger here bust size, 2008 which fits with her working out for the wedding): Same angle – http://hilary-duff.thecandidphotos.com/wp-content/uploads/out_about/hilary_duff_gym_toluca_lake_1.jpg / http://hilary-duff.thecandidphotos.com/wp-content/uploads/out_about/hilary_duff_gym_toluca_lake_3.jpg
    2) http://hilaryimages.com/displayimage.php?album=random&cat=54&pos=-17377
    3) http://hilaryimages.com/displayimage.php?album=1362&pos=5
    4) in a tight top like the one pictured above – June 17, 2008 http://hilaryfan.org/gallery/displayimage.php?album=1982&pos=7

    at least if you are going to draw inferences out of nowhere, do research. (tip: google is easy!) What has the world come to? I remember when at least the boobs were out before people cried plastic surgery.
    *I doubt it’s wonderbra – those things make you look a lot more massive.

  • avatar Justin says:

    I agree with Abby. Her breasts are real and the rest of her body is real. Your body changes as you get older, like your facial fetchers. Your jaw structure, nose, mouth, and even your teeth change as you get older, like the rest of your body. I know her breasts are real go look at the interview on Jimmy Kimmel live on Oct. 27, 2010. As she plops down on the chair her breasts bounce up and down like jello. You guys are so gullible. You believe any thing you read or hear about any thing. So don’t believe everything you read or hear.

  • avatar Beth says:

    if you look, Hilaries shoulders look slightly more rounded, like she’s put on a small amount of weight from being very skinny in the picture on the left. This means that the fact that her boobs are slightly larger is just because of natural development…nothing to do with surgery, they’d be bigger and more fake looking if that was the case 🙂

  • avatar anon says:

    She didn’t have work done – her face changes a lot when she changes weight, and she had some drastic weight changes over the years.

  • avatar m says:

    Sad? It’s a personal choice. Nothing wrong with it, and I think she looks fine.

  • avatar Renee says:

    I don’t see much of a difference I don’t think she had her boobs done

  • avatar Coolschness says:

    I believe she has had some work done. Look at her wedding photos. Her boobs like everyone else’s in Hollywood, but not in real life, seem to defy gravity.

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