J-Woww’s Breast Implant Scars


Jenni “J-Woww” Farley from MTV’s Jersey Shore obviously has fake breasts. Not so obvious to the casual gawker are how horribly scarred J-Wowws boobs are. Recently, while letting Snooki do body shots off of her stomach (classy), J-Woww inadvertently showed the paparazzi where her plastic surgeon sliced open her breast in order to insert her implants (super classy).

jwoww boob job scars

J-Woww and Snooki on set of “Jersey Shore”. Photo credit: Fame Pictures, Inc

When undergoing breast augmentation surgery, I just don’t know why anyone would opt for a visible incision on the breast. With so many different ways to insert breast implants nowadays, big nasty scars on your breast in exchange for a big rack just seems kind of ghetto.

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  • avatar mr.ed says:

    It was on sale!

  • avatar Mandy says:

    Cheap breast job

  • avatar The Source says:

    Not proof unless you see same on other breast, could be from anything scar. It actually doesn’t even resemble a implant scar as they are thinner and located on the fold side bottom not the side. There are various locations for installing implants this not one of them 1)thru armpit 2)up thru belly button 3)bottom fold of breasts 4)thru nipple.
    Result-inconclusive evidence.

  • avatar Karen, Denmark says:

    It’s scar from an operation making har breast smaller!

  • avatar Amanda says:

    She’s stupid whether she’s had plastic surgery or not. I pitty the fools that watch this show & give this trash ratings, fame & money.

  • avatar Sarah says:

    I have the same scar from the incision made to lift my left breast. Maybe that’s the deal with the scar.

  • avatar Danny Burns says:

    very fake looking breasts.

  • avatar The One says:

    You’re all idiots if you think hers are real. It’s obvious they are fake, but I agree that it doesn’t mean that that particular scar is from breast implants.

  • avatar DCM says:

    Anyone with any brains knows breast implants are not done on the breast they are done on the crease. This scar could be from any other event and is not one from implants or a lift. Everyone with negative comments about (her) hates her for the money and the fame she has and are insecure people. Too bad too sad and get over it!

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