Did Serena Williams Get a Nose Job?


Serena Williams stepped out in the Hamptons recently, and started a buzz with her new “look”. It certainly appears that Serena has had something done to her nose, but do you think she actually had rhinoplasty surgery?

serena williams nose job

As different as her nose looks in recent pictures, I actually think that it may just be using this makeup trick. What do you think?

Either way, I think Serena’s nose looked much cuter before the surgery (or makeup job)! Hopefully it’s just makeup and she can simply wash it off.

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  • avatar njman1967 says:

    Yes she had her nose done. The tip is flatter,and not as broad.

  • avatar a says:

    Nah, it’s just a different angle and make-up. Her nose was contoured a lot more in the second than in the first.

  • avatar Ray1997 says:

    She looks beautiful both ways

  • avatar Johnny Lim says:

    Hell yeah! That’s a GHETTO NOSE you see on the left picture. Her plastic surgeon did remarkably well in “shaving” it to have a “chiseled” look. Whosoever is her surgeon deserve all the credit for a job well done.

    I’ve also noticed a significant and yet subtle reduction of the fatty tissue above her eyelids that really blended well with her facial structure. Yet again, kudos to her plastic surgeon.

    I might be farfetched if I say some work done on her chin…let’s see on her future shots to make a better comparison.

    In conclusion, this Ghetto girl is spending her money wisely. As a black person, she prioritized the following in the order of priority and cost:

    1. Remove the kinkiness and have her hair stretched. In the past, hair stretching is a very expensive procedure (only affordable in the likes of Oprah, Naomi Campbell or Tyra Banks) unlike today it relatively inexpensive and it seems all blacks do this as their first makeover process once they have the money.

    2. The dreaded Ghetto nose job. However, there are no known American plastic surgeons who are trained to fix ghetto noses because of economics. Majority of blacks are poor and there’s no market for it. Secondly, the nature of the challenge…those Deep Dish pizza-thick Ghetto nose will be an extreme challenge to chisel it to appear as White nose. Look at Michael Jackson…that’s a classic case of a botched nose surgery unless his entire lower face is complete prosthetics, as some people had said.

    • avatar Jenn says:

      Um, your comments are slightly racist and offensive. Unnecessary.

    • avatar dilly says:

      Do you actually believe the foolishness that you wrote here? This is too stupid to be offensive. What planet are you from? Hair stretching? Is this something that is done in your alternate universe?

    • avatar Me says:

      lol! I can’t even be offended by what you wrote, its just so hilariously … Lol, I can’t even put a word on it. Or maybe you have a mental condition. Either ways, Bravo, you made my year! Seriously, can’t stop laughing! Thumbs up! And in case you were serious, let’s just hope you’re infertile 😉

  • avatar curlycious says:

    I think she did a slight change to her nose, but worse than the nose job is the skin lightening. She is much lighter than she used to be. I remember seeing her with her natural hair braided, now she has slick straight hair, lighter skin and a different nose. I guess she doesn’t like her African features.

  • avatar jazzyk says:

    I don’t think she got a nose job that is makeup contouring but I do think she is lightening her skin, that what seems to be different about her to me.

  • avatar Kris says:

    No her nose is still the same.. just a different angle. Sorry, but if she did get it done I’d be asking for a re-do.

  • avatar Pam says:

    Her “lighter” appearance is mostly likely as result of being out of the sun. As African-Americans, there are noticeable variations in our skin tone depending on exposure to the sun. When she is playing tennis outside, she will appear darker. Not to mention, make-up and camera lighting create a different effect as well.

    Contrary to popular belief, most black people are comfortable being black. Don’t be so quick to jump to conclusions.

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