Chloe Lattanzi Looks Slightly Less Ridiculous


Chloe Lattanzi recently attended the Toronto International Film Festival with her mother, Olivia Newton John. Most notable about Chloe’s appearance is that her once super-sized lips have shrunken back down to the proportions of a normal human being.

chloe lattanzi lips 2010

The nice thing about injectable lip fillers versus lip implants, is that injectable fillers will usually fade out over time, so if your lips end up looking ridiculous, you won’t be stuck that way forever!

While I think her lips look much better, what’s up with the rest of her face? Did Chloe go from getting filler injected into her lips, to getting filler injected into her cheeks?

Check out pictures of Chloe Lattanzi before she had plastic surgery.

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  • avatar pak31 says:

    It’s just so sad that people can’t see how beautiful they really are, before surgery. I really believe most of the people who get these procedures done suffer not from ugliness but lack of confidence in themselves. Take what you have and learn how to work with it, you’ll be happier in the long run. JMO>

  • avatar sabina says:

    she’s had something done to her chin and cheeks as well.
    pitty – she looks soooo plastic, and when compared to her mum… pitty is all i can say

  • avatar Chanook says:

    Not filler, but cheek implant, very obvious outline of it visible.

  • avatar megs says:

    i’d definately say she has body dismorphic. she looks terrible for her age, the surgeries are just so wrong. please leave it alone chloe or you will be the next cat woman

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