Ines Sainz was “Sexually Harrassed”? No Way!


Ines Sainz is a Mexican reporter that has deemed herself “the hottest sports reporter in Mexico”. Now she is crying foul and is claiming that she was sexually harassed by the New York Jets players and coaches, as they made her feel uncomfortable when they “purposely overthrew passes so they would land near Sainz” and “Later, during a locker-room availability, several players allegedly hooted and hollered when Sainz walked in.”

She went so far as to post this picture of herself, so to prove that she was not inappropriately dressed…Seriously.

So a women that has gotten breast and butt implants to make herself more sexually attractive to men and wears SKINTIGHT jeans and a low-cut blouse to interview half naked men in a locker room, is offended by “hooting and hollering”. Sorry, but what a crock of sh!t…

The NY Post reports:

Today she tweeted, ‘Thanks everyone for your support. I already spoke to the NFL, which will decide if there will or will not be consequences. I can say that at the time I didn’t want to pay attention to what was happening but the rest of the media heard clearly and in solidarity have denounced what happened, hoping that there is always a respectful climate.’

During the portion of practice open to the media, Ryan and defensive backs coach Dennis Thurman purposely overthrew passes so they would land near Sainz, she said.

Later, during a locker-room availability, several players allegedly hooted and hollered when Sainz walked in.

She later tweeted she was ‘dying of embarrassment.’

More pictures of Ines Sainz “appropriately dressed” for work and showing off her breast and butt implants:

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  • avatar Stephanie says:

    She needs to get her money back on those breast implants.

  • avatar Anon says:

    Wow, victim blaming much?

    • Inez Sainz wasn’t gang-raped. She was “hooted” at. I don’t think she is a “victim” of anything. If men hooting and hollering embarrasses you, then don’t stuff your butt and breast implants into ridiculously skintight clothing.

      • avatar Chick says:

        Bull. She’s allowed to dress and feel sexy and men are allowed to find her attractive. It completely crosses the line when men consider it their “right” to verbally harass, disrespect, and embaress someone. It feels very threatening in a world where women are so often victims of sexualized abuse and violence. She has every right to look sexy and men have every right to find her sexy, but that’s where it ends. This IS victim-blaming and it leads to a national attitude that “sexy” women are somehow at fault for everything from harassment to assault to even “gang-rape”.

        • So you think Inez is a victim because some guys said “woowoo!” to her. That’s hilarious. Where do we draw the line as to what is defined as sexual harassment?

          • avatar Anon says:

            They find her attractive? Great. Why can’t they just keep that to themselves and let her do her job in peace? Whether or not her attire was “professional” or “appropriate,” the onus is still on them to behave decently. If she showed up naked, they would STILL have to control themselves.

            The definition of sexual harassment is “Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature that tends to create a hostile or offensive work environment.”

            The line is pretty damn clear in the eyes of the law (AND in the eyes of people with any shred of decency or morality). The key word is “unwelcome.”

            You know what line is impossible to define? What is the “appropriate” attire that magically makes a woman deserving of respect. So she deserved to be harassed because of tight jeans? Or was it because of her breasts? Hmm? What if she wore the same outfit but had smaller breasts? What if she was surgically enhanced but wore sweat pants? How short does her skirt have to be before it’s all her fault? Knee length? Ankle length? Careful, women! If you make yourself too sexually appealing, men are entitled to sexually harass you and treat you like shit! Oh but make sure you’re not TOO unsexy, because who wants to look at an ugly chick? Walk that fine line between “asking for it” and “frumpy!” And yeah, I know it’s entirely arbitrary and constantly shifting based on the opinions of male strangers, but tough luck!

            • avatar Dalia says:

              Anon, you’re the one who is clearly a freaking delusional idiot. If you cant stand the heat, don’t enter the locker room! This woman walks around, as previous poster stated, in skintight clothing and goes right into a locker room full of men and doesn’t expect to be eyed or catcalled? I mean, seriously?

              Clearly, you don’t understand biology.

            • avatar yallrHATERS says:

              The people being rude about what you said are completely ignorant and probably more insecure than words could describe, you are very well spoken and the things you said are very well worded and i totally agree with you. Thumbs up! What these people are saying brings me to the people who are like Oh she got raped cause she was asking for it, people may act or look permiscuous (spelling?) It doesnt mean that people need to be disrespectful, all the haters on this forum are probably frumpy and are dieing for the attention this beautiful woman gets weather she wants its or not, and weather she paid for it or not is irrelevant!

        • avatar Peppermint says:

          Isn’t that the reason that this Bimbo got her
          flat breasts and buttocks surgically enhanced
          so she could get attention from the very men
          that she so ironically claims “sexually harrassed”
          her, Bitch please! Honey, when I pour my fabulous
          (natural) curves into my skin tight jeans and hook
          them up with my stilleto heels, I feel super sexy
          and looooooove the response I get from men; its all
          a part of being a woman. Now, if noone paid this
          fool any attention I guess she’d be boo-hooing about
          that too. If you don’t want the attention then just
          have your surgeon take your implants out, or wear less
          revealing clothes, because your nothing but a little
          c$ck tease that can’t stand the pressure!

          • avatar Bunny says:

            Lol just because the things YOU do revolve around men doesn’t mean the same goes for other women. There’s a good possibility she did this for HERSELF! I don’t care how a woman dresses why are men never held accountable for their own savagery? Seriously it’s not the stone age, you can control yourself. The problem is there’s too many women like you who don’t make them and instead constantly blame the woman for EVERYTHING. It’s sad.

        • avatar so tired of women victim whiners says:

          it is so tiring to see these Ho’s walking around half naked and then screaming like a rape victum when someone pays notice that their tits are hanging out in their face.

  • avatar Opinion says:

    It is ludicrous to me that a woman who claims she is the sexiest reporter in Mexico is complaining. Keeping in mind she’s had breast and derrière augmentation surgery, let’s track her last outing:

    1. She ramps of the volume of her sex appeal by wearing painted on jeans and a tight low cut blouse
    2. Walks into an NFL locker room full of men and here’s the ‘kicker’
    3. She complains that the athletes hooted at her and cries victim? Poor baby.

    Give us all a break. If she were a credible journalist representing the best of her country, she would dress professionally and maintain a professional decorum at all times.
    Don’t be fooled, she got exactly what she wanted which is free international publicity, a veritable media blitz about her! Her publicist is to be congratulated for accomplishing the very goal she wanted. Now in her mind, the world truly does revolve around her. I’ll bet she’s already negotiating a deal with Playboy. Did someone say Hollywood?

  • avatar Shinxy says:

    You guys are idiots. Those ‘men’ crossed the line. It’s a slippery slope from sexual harrassment to sexual assault. That’s like blaming me for my six sexual assaults because I’m a model (and no, not a ‘swimsuit model’ or porn star, or anything that plays up sexuality).

    Ask yourself this. If it was anyone else, would it be considered sexual harrassment? Yes, in the eyes of the law it would be. Therefore, sexual harrassment was committed against her. Victims are indiscriminate (or at least, meant to be).

    • avatar Dalia says:

      Honey, if you had six sexual assaults, you need to see a shrink and get rid of some of that negative energy you must carry.

      • avatar Bunny says:

        WOW! Are you freaking kidding me? She’s been assaulted and SHE must be the reason? I can not believe people support rape culture this way ESPECIALLY other women.

  • avatar Thenurse says:

    Can you Say PutaBruta 3x fast. Putting your naked surgeried culo out for the all and I do mean all; dad, brother, cousins, neighbors to see didn’t make her feel uncomfortable but being in the locker room with footballs players did? Not likely. She’s just wants to be to be a star and because the nake photos didn’t “blow her up” like she thought they would she made up some “feeling volunerable” story in a desperate attemp to get attention. She herself admitts that none of the Jets actually DID anything to her. If she’s for real about feeling “at risk” she needs psychological help so she won’t go around accusing innocent people based of the past.

  • avatar Sharon says:

    This situation is like to say the phrase: ‘for to be dressed sexy was raped’. That´s stupid, Those men crossed the line, she´s allowed to dress sexy, if she wants and be respected.

  • avatar Anna says:

    Honestly, she’s dressed how everyone else is dressed. It’s skintight, yes, but do you really think she is screaming out for attention? If she wanted attention, I think she would be dressing how any high school girl dresses these days, and no one is making a big deal out of that.

  • avatar Vic says:

    wow the person who wrote this crappy article must really hate womens or their rights.

  • avatar No name says:

    Guys are so hypocritical!! It’s okay to cat-call, hoot, and make other unwelcome advances to girls on the street, in a club, or even at work, but those same guys will kick your a$$ if it’s YOU hitting on their girlfriend/sister/niece/cousin/best friend/etc. So it’s NOT okay if you know the girl personally, but if she’s a stranger, everything goes?? At the end of the day, all the cat-calling and hooting and saying disgusting things is a lack of respect, no matter how the girl is dressed. I just wish guys would admit to disrespecting girls when they cat-call and hoot and say disgusting things instead of saying “well, she asked for it, look at how she’s dressed”. If you don’t want some douchebag being disgusting to your sister, don’t be the douchebag being disgusting to someone else’s sister.

  • avatar alex says:

    i wonder if these guys would say it was ok for them to be yelled at by a crowd of gay men?
    i mean, if the gay men found one of them attractive, it would be ok, right?
    there they are on the field in skin tight pants, bending over for all to see – even giving interviews on camera from their locker room. showing off their ripped arms…
    if they get raped by a guy or sexually harassed, it is their fault, right?
    or does that logic only work with women?

  • avatar Sweet Dick Willie says:

    By far best ass EVER!

  • avatar Hanz says:

    I highly doubt that she has breast or butt implants. Her breasts are very small and her butt is the sexiest one I have ever seen and I doubt a dr could perform a butt implant and give the girl the best butt in the world.

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