JWoww’s “G.T.L” – Gym, Tanning, Liposuction


jwoww bikini liposuctionIs it just me, or is there something strange about Jenni “J-Woww” Farley’s stomach? Come on guys, peel your eyes off of her gigantic breast implants for a moment and take a peek…

I’ve always suspected that something fishy was going on with Jenni’s stomach, and the more pictures of J-Woww, that pop up, the more obvious it seem: J-Woww has had liposuction. When Jenni’s weight fluctuates her butt, arms and double chin get bigger and flabby, but her stomach always stays as flat as a board. Although J-Woww’s liposuction didn’t come out at bad as Tara Reid‘s, it’s still obvious and looks fake. J-Woww needs to spend more time at the gym and less time at the plastic surgeons office. The results would be much more attractive.

In addition to multiple breast augmentation surgeries and liposuction, it’s also been rumored that Jenni has had a nose job as well as less invasive cosmetic procedures like stretch-mark lasering and cellulite removal. What do you think Jenni has had done?

More pictures of Jenni Farley in a bikini:

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  • avatar pak31 says:

    In this picture it looks like she has extra fat or rolls on her upper arms. It’s really sad when a 20 something has to have surgery. I mean, I would give anything to have the body I did in my 20’s. I just can’t imagine that someone so young needs surgery.

  • avatar Raze says:

    She needs to get some hips injected cause she is shaped like a dude.

  • avatar Ashley says:

    I’ve thought this too, only I thought she had a tummy tuck. Her stomach has that unnatural concave stretched look that is obvious with women who have had tummy tucks. Also if you’ve ever seen a close up picture of her belly button, it’s got scarring around the whole perimeter, which as everyone knows happens with tummy tucks b/c the surgeon basically removes the belly button then re-attaches it.

    http://www.egotastic.com/image?path=1011/jenni-farley-schoolgirl-halloween-02-FP-5978987.jpg&info=Jenni JWoww Farley Dressed as a Naughty Schoolgirl

  • avatar Lily says:

    That’s the problem with these tall, thin women with small boobs. Usually tall women are “shapeless,” lanky and stretched out with small or no boobs and small or no butt (No disrespect here, cuz there’s nothing wrong with being built that way) The size of the breasts usually match the butt and the rest of the body. But then women who are shaped like this get these huge implants, and then they’re still shapeless with these rock hard looking bolt-ons. They’re still shapeless, but now they’ve kickballs with nipples on their chest. Megan from “Rock of Love” is a prime example of that type of body.

  • avatar Connie says:

    Look great do not keep cutting and nipping you will go from perfect to ugly in a snap

  • avatar lisa says:

    It looks like she has got a chin job

  • avatar megs says:

    yes, it looks too stretched out. a real fit tummy would have some sort of shape – everybody has even a light sort of six pack look if they have this little fat on their tum. she has none. looks creepy with those stick on rockmelon boobs. and the scars look terrible.

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