Jay Manuel Before and After Rhinoplasty


Jay Manuel is a makeup artist/photographer and he is the director of photo shoots on “America’s Next Top Model”. I was recently watching “America’s Next Top Model” and couldn’t stop staring at Jay’s fake-looking nose. So, it didn’t really come as a surprise to find old pictures of Jay sporting a totally different nose. Yep, Jay Manuel got a nose job.


It’s so weird how people that undergo rhinoplasty all end up with very similar and fake looking noses. I wonder if Tyra Banks and Jay Manuel sit around and talk about their nose jobs?

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  • avatar Raze says:

    I actually think he looks quite handsome, even though he’s more campy than a row of tents.

  • avatar Sara says:

    I like it too! I don’t think he looked bad before, but I think he’s adorable now!

  • avatar pak31 says:

    He does look ok but his nose looks like every other Hollywood nose. FAKE. I can spot a fake nose a mile away lately. You think surgeons could do a better job.

  • avatar marcelo says:

    he looks fantastic. I think this is a case of Good plastic surgery.

  • avatar Listos says:

    Tyra: Today we’re going to be focusing on how to talk about self esteem as if we’re confident, sincere people that are not desperate for attention.

    Model # 1: Can Mr. Jay start us off?

  • avatar Tyra says:

    I always knew it! He has the cookie cutter fugly nose job! First time I saw him I was like “what is with the hideous nose job!? Does he actually thinks he looks good!?” Obviously the bleached wannabe Billy Idol hair is to distract from his fugly nose but not doing a good job. if there’s someone who needs his face redone it’s this guy.

    Better yet, get his ugly mug off our TV, now!!!

  • avatar m says:

    It’s actually a big improvement, IMO.

  • avatar Yna says:

    wow, his surgeon did a great job. It looks very natural and he looks so much better now.

  • avatar Annette says:

    Quit being so petty and really really jealous he looks great enough said. I don’t see any of the you posting your pictures not that you could. along with all his success came a whole lot of hard work. again jealousy is not pretty!

  • avatar Silla says:

    He definitely looks very handsome sporting the new nose but in some shots, his nostrils look crooked. Also I wonder if Tyra banks tried to take it upon herself to educate him on his race and culture.

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