Most Plastic Surgeons Care About One Thing…


…Whether or not your credit card is approved.

While I’m sure that most cosmetic surgeons will feign offense by that statement, and pretend that they do what they do to make women feel better about themselves and boost their self-esteem (blah blah blah, blah blah), the bottom line is that plastic surgery is a business and plastic surgeons are salesmen. Don’t believe me? Then how do you explain Jocelyn Wildenstein, Jenny Lee, Joan Rivers, Sheyla Hershey and the millions of other women that have undergone excessive, unnecessary plastic surgery. There is a reason that these women’s plastic surgeons are unknown. The surgeons are simply embarrassed by their greed and the horrible work that they did.

I happened upon this great article about plastic surgery, titled, Heidi Montag and the Booby-Pop, which uses Heidi Montag as an example of the sad situation of plastic surgery today. Here are some of the highlights:

…After enduring near death to emerge as a broken person with ridiculous water-melons on her chest and a nose that stays on purely by self-will and scotch tape, Heidi [Montag] still finds time to frolic alone in the Costa-Rican surf, feigning the open-mouthed booby-pop for the cameras, and revealing to us, pitifully, how she wants to reverse her surgical procedures, but can’t, because her plastic surgeon fell off the PCH whilst texting and accidentally killed himself. Dr. Ryan is the only person Heidi trusts, she says. Heidi was his “best, most cautious patient” (a euphemism if ever there was one). Dr. Ryan warned Heidi not to go too big, but she ignored his advice, to her regret.

The amount of women, like Heidi, I see in Los Angeles walking around like blow up dolls, victims to the horrific mental disorder of body dysmorphia — is huge. Body dysmorphia is as much as a disease as anorexia, as bulimia, as over-eating, as alcoholism, drug addiction. These are mental disorders which manifest themselves in physical self-harm.

With alcoholism, a doctor wouldn’t give an alcoholic booze, unless it’s to alleviate DT’s and avoid death. Similarly, an anorexic wouldn’t be kept on a lettuce diet at the hospital, a bulimic would not be prescribed laxatives or be induced to vomiting, a heroin addict would not be given cash to go and pick up some dope on skid row… so why, if Heidi Montag and countless other women suffering extreme body dysmorphia — a disease which makes them unable to distinguish between positive procedures which might enhance their natural beauty, and procedures which may kill them and render them fragile to the point of breakability — why are these women allowed to undertake these procedures without their surgeons suffering punitive action?

If Dr. Ryan had cared so goddamn much about Heidi, he wouldn’t have warned her DDD was too big — he would have flat-out refused to have given her the operation….Of course a plastic surgeon wouldn’t refuse a Hollywood starlet, because he wants the cash and he wants the exposure. He’s running a business. Privately, he may care she’s doing damage to herself — but he doesn’t care enough to stop…

Here are the pictures of Heidi, pretending like her bikini top is coming off, for the paparazzi (God this chick is annoying and desperate…):

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  • avatar NJMommy says:

    Great post. This isn’t just happening in Hollywood, it’s rampant in the suburbs. I see women in the supermarket with blown-up lips and chests and I think to myself, “Why did she do that to herself?”. I am small breasted, have thin lips, a big nose and cellulite, but I have enough self esteem to know that I can pull it all off anyway.

  • avatar Linsey says:

    Whoever is considering nose job should try Nosesecret first. I was ready to go under the knife eventhough I was scare to death. Luckily I found this inexpensive product that help me slim my nose instantly.
    Nosesecret saved me around $5,000 and the risk to loose my job for being away recuperating from surgery.

  • avatar Amanda says:

    Anyone else think those photos of Heidi above were staged by her? She’s looking in different directions with the same “shocked” look on her face as if thinking to herself, is anyone getting this on film?

  • avatar Saetri says:

    Fantastic post. Heidi Montag and I were duped! Plastic surgeons have huge egos and they’re greedy, plain and simple. I’m a victim of a Park Ave. female plastic surgeon here in NYC. Went to her for a breast lift and my results were awful!! You can see my results on under the title/heading “What is the best option for a breast lift revision?” My only mistake was choosing her as my surgeon.

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