Man, Pete Burns sure does look like one scary pile of plastic, these days. In 2009 Pete Burns won a lawsuit against his plastic surgeon for a botched lip augmentation, and was awarded close to $1million. Apparently that cool million was burning a hole in Pete’s pocket, because he decided to get even more plastic surgery in 2010, and now looks absolutely gross.

pete burns plastic surgery

Is it just me or does Pete Burns currently look like a cross between Cher and Jocelyn Wildenstein, after being dead for a few days?

Here is a timeline of Pete Burn’s face through the years. He was actually a decent looking guy back in the 80’s. You can see that he has undergone several lip augmentations, facelifts, nose jobs and most recently he has had a horrible brow lift and fat grafting in his cheeks. Yuck. Pete Burns is only 51 years old.

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