Alicia Douvall – Heidi Montag in 6 Years?


Alicia Douvall is a English train wreck that has had 16 breast augmentation surgeries, as well as a shit-ton of other plastic surgery procedures, all by the tender age of 30.

Alicia has admitted to addiction to plastic surgery, starred on several trashy reality show, promised her teen daughter that she will buy her breast implants for her 16th birthday and has been deemed “a surgically enhanced ‘serial bedmate-to-the-stars'”. So I suppose we could just cut to the chase and call Alicia Douvall a slutty, unattractive, bad mother with an addiction problem…

As for plastic surgery, Alicia has had 16 breast augmentations, several facelifts, lip injections, botox, liposuction and even toe augmentation (She had two of her toes surgically shortened…WTF!)

Here are pictures of Alicia Douvall after her latest round of plastic surgery:

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