Interview with Women Who Had Full Face Transplant


In 2008, Connie Culp became the first person in the USA to undergo a successful full face transplant. Connie became horribly disfigured after her husband shot her in the face with a shotgun in a failed murder/suicide attempt. Connie’s face was destroyed after the shotgun blast shattered her nose, cheeks, mouth, lips and eye, but miraculously she escaped with her life.

connie culp face transplant

The operation took 22-hours and 80% of Connie’s face was replaced with the face of a women that recently died. Doctors rebuilt her nose and were able to repair some of the disfigurement that Connie suffered to her face.

Here is a recent interview with Connie Culp, after her face transplant has had two years to heal:

Modern science is pretty amazing, but the most bizarre and shocking part of this story is that Connie claims to still love the man that blew her face off with a shotgun and plans to be there for him when he gets out of prison. WTF?!

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  • avatar marcelo says:

    Its really amazing what modern medicine can do! Bravo to the surgeons and nurses that helped her! This man that shot her should be in prison for 20 years at least.

  • avatar Maggie says:

    Connie is an inspiration.. how can someone stay optimistic when they lost so much? We should all learn from her, to be happy with ourselves in whatever skin we are blessed enough to have.

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