Lisa Rinna Got Lip Reduction Surgery


Lisa Rinna revealed on The Today Show that she has undergone lip reduction surgery. (I guess she got the memo that her over-inflated lips look like a vagina?)

{ Video removed because people don’t know how to properly optimize their sh!t }

And in true Hollywood fashion, she did it to try and drum up rating for her reality show (“Harry Loves Lisa”) and sell a few books. Yawn…Next!

Some of the highlights of the video, before I got tired of Lisa’s over-acting:

Lisa claims that her over-inflated lips were the result of an impromptu decision to get silicon lip injections with a friend (“…like a tattoo!”), in the 80’s. And, that she got her top lip reduced because she didn’t want her “lip to define her anymore”.

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  • avatar Sage says:

    She still looks like an fish. An overdone one at that. People need to learn that huge lips don’t equal beauty. Her eyelids insane and unnatural.
    Lisa has ruined her face which, once upon a time, was pretty much flawless and almost totally symmetrical. She needs an intervention.

  • avatar Amanda says:

    would like to see some before & after still shots please.

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