Did Bret Michaels Get His Abs “Etched”?


bret michaels abdominal etchingBillboard Magazine has taken a lot of flack in regards to their cover featuring Bret Michaels, which looks heavily photoshopped. In response, Billboard has released the pre-photoshop version of Bret Michaels in the buff.

Either way, something looks bizarre about Bret Michaels, and it’s not just the over-use of the Photoshop burn tool. It actually looks like he’s had one of the stupidest plastic surgeries ever invented: abdominal etching. Abdominal etching is essentially liposuction that sculpts your abdominal fat into what appears (if you’re f#$%ing blind) to be a 6-pack.

Bret Michaels in 47 years old and has saggy pecs, average arms and a ripped six pack stomach? It doesn’t add up and his stomach just looks weird, like all of the “after” abdominal etching pictures I’ve seen.

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  • avatar Raze says:

    Everything about this guy is phony as hell. If he would stop chasing 20-something pornstar/stripper/aspring actress/golddiggers, he might actually find someone who loves him un-photoshopped, un-retouched, and without that ridiculous and obvious weave that he uses that played out ass bandana to cover the tracks of.

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