Katie Price was a pretty young girl, gorgeous enough to be a successful model, when she decided to get plastic surgery. One surgery led to another. And another….and another…several more surgeries, then surgeries to “correct” previous surgeries and so on and so forth.

katie price before plastic surgery

Katie Price has had nearly 10 breast augmentation surgeries, at least two nose jobs, lip augmentation, botox, injectable fillers and it’s rumored that she’s also had liposuction. Now, Katie wants to undergo even more surgery to correct her “duck lips” and badly scarred frankenboobies.

At first glance, Katie may look absolutely beautiful, but under all of that makeup and professionally styled hair, plastic surgery has left her a mess. Have you seen how bad her breasts look after being sliced open so many times? It boggles the mind that she would even consider having more plastic surgery. Sadly, I think Katie’s obsession with “perfection” is bordering Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

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