I Bet Rumer Willis Has a Great Personality…


I really hate trashing people for their god-given looks, but damn! Poor Rumor Willis really took a beating in the gene pool lottery. Rumer’s parents are Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, who are both decent looking people (even before Demi had plastic surgery), and Rumer managed to get the worst mix-mash of her parents features. Demi’s delicate features and Bruce’s manly jawline, are just not a good look, no matter how you style your hair, apply makeup and pout your lips. So, not surprisingly, Rumer Willis has started her plastic surgery assisted journey from ugly duckling to possible swan.

rumer willis plastic surgery

It looks like Rumer has had her jaw size surgically reduced and cheek implants installed, and most recently she has plumped her lips. I wonder what is next on her plastic surgery “to-do” list?

While I am a total advocate of self confidence and working/owning your unique, quirky looks, I do think that Rumer looks better after plastic surgery. What do you think?

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  • avatar Stephanie says:

    I don’t think she’s had anything done. The darker hair color and makeup just make a big difference. She’s not bad looking, she’ll come into her own. Longer hair would be better for her.

  • avatar Sara says:

    I think she’s had the cheek implants. Her face shape is completely different. I thought she looked pretty in 90210 last season and I believe this is a case of plastic surgery that’s subtle and realistic, not “plastic” looking

  • avatar Kacki says:

    The only thing she needs to do is have a nose job but one that gives her a Larger Schnoz. Then her nose will balance with her eyes and mouth, which are beautiful, and her square jawline.

  • avatar Sage says:

    Honestly, I think something needs to be done about her jaw, mostly because her facial features are on the smaller side.
    I’m thinking that a nose implant of some sort might make her nose look more attractive and her face more balanced.

    And as a side note: Augmented lips don’t do anything for her overall appearance, so I think she should getting them done. I just don’t think her lips are the right shape to benefit from plumed lips.

    She has lovely skin, though. And she always seems nice enough in interviews.

  • avatar Rose says:

    Her face does look different, but I think she’s become very pretty. Whether she’s grown into her looks, or created them. I am totally jealous of her skin.

  • avatar PookieBear says:

    The darker hair is an improvement. Her jaw seems to have been filed down a bit, it does not seem as masculine or as prominent as before. I don’t see any evidence of cheek implants or a nose job. The girl has beautiful skin.

  • avatar Amanda says:

    Yes I do think she has had her lips slightly plumped (maybe with a temporary filler) & she definitley appears to have had jaw/chin reduction surgery.

    I have a Reese Witherspoon chin which is so cute on her but I want a chin reduction. I’v had a a nose job & I did not even have to take the pain killers prescribed! I am terrified of the chin reduction surgery though There is a risk of nerve damage & other possible side effects. I hear that this is rare & it’s so important to find an experienced surgeoun certifies by the right boards & medical schools!

  • avatar Jess says:

    Her face shape looks exactly the same to me in the pictures. I do not think that she has had anything done.

  • avatar Kisses4Katie says:

    You know this girl has some AMAZING tits. Did anyone see the house bunny?? I didn’t even know it was Rumer till the credits rolled!! She can look good. It just takes the right hairstyle and she needs to bring out her guns. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • avatar amanda says:

    chin reduction & jaw surgery CAN BE DONE & still keep your original chin shape & jawline!

  • avatar ramona says:

    i have always said this.
    she literally looks like the exact result you get from those terrible “see what your baby would look like” websites where it always spits out a frightening photoshopped disaster.
    she does look much better since the surgeries, but i personally think she could get away with a little more chin reduction.

  • avatar wtfster says:

    How about she just leave herself alone and get nothing (more) done at all? Who is she pleasing by doing more surgery, people who don’t matter anyway? I’d say so. She looks fine the way she is.

    • avatar noairs says:

      You all do understand that Rumer is most likely reading these comments? Let’s get real– outside of the Hollywood lights this girl would be considered very attractive. Inside the Hollywood lights she is still quite attractive. Instead people are telling her she needs more plastic surgery? Really? A bigger nose? Is it not big enough to breathe through or something? Her nose looks fine. The only thing that needs changing is people’s very strange and insensitive perceptions, and their willingness to puke their idiotic, mean-spirited ideas all over the internet. Rumer is actually a real person with real feelings and an internet connection…And she’s quite beautiful already, although that’s not a very important quality anyway.

  • avatar Gem says:

    aww she’s beautiful! In all 3 pics!

  • avatar Tee Cee says:

    Jaw reduction/sculpting surgery is dangerous as heck. Although it’s relatively common in South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, etc, it is frowned upon in the United States and many surgeons will refuse to perform it for the risk of permanent damage.
    Honestly, the third picture looks much like the first; if she really got her jaw shaved then she should have had more taken off. That’s just too much pain and suffering to go through for such a subtle change.

  • avatar schimmelpilz says:

    die soll sich mal das kinn kleiner machen lassen oder so ๐Ÿ˜€

  • avatar Burr says:

    The woman is very ugly, and plastic surgery isn’t helping and won’t help because of what she has to start with. And in ordinary America she would be considered ugly as well. The problem is that she believes she has to compete with the Hollywood ideal. She can’t, and the constant trying to is sad.

  • avatar Via says:

    As said, you show your best points. She has pretty eyes, small mouth. I think she will get prettier when she gets older. Definitely needs to let her hair grow.

  • avatar Via says:

    She has pretty eyes, She could elaborate her eyes , She has a tiny mouth. She should just let her hair grow, have it flow around her jaws and she would look pretty.
    Very interesting what a combination from the parents can do for looks.

  • avatar skylar says:

    First never EVER go blonde again . Second a few of the before and after I didn’t know which was which. And lastly, What so you do if your child looks just like your before, I mean do you really tell them they beautiful. I wonder if your half sister will have daddy’s face TOO

  • avatar meli says:

    she isn’t as pretty as her Mom….she should NEVER be blonde, have the horrible tats removed they cheapen and make her look masculine and hard. and if possible fix that long strong jaw and chin….she has a good figure sans tatoos9

  • avatar Nancy Smith says:

    It’s her hair! Grow it long and back to black. Everyone thinks they can pull off blonde, but doesn’t always work!

  • avatar lynette says:

    leave her alone. this is why she feels she needs all this so called surgerys. why do people have to be so cruel. this world is so messed up. isn’t there other more important things in life than other peoples looks.

  • avatar Tanya says:

    Maybe because she’s constantly being compared to her mom. Remember that a certain producer called Meryl Streep ugly, so imagine what this poor girl goes through.

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