The Real(ly Fake) Housewives of Beverly Hills


I just watched the premier of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and, DAMN! Each and everyone of these women has had way too much plastic surgery. The show features Beverly Hills housewives: Camille Grammer, Taylor Armstrong, Lisa VanderPump, Kyle Richards, Kim Richards and Adrienne Maloof.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

(You can check out the full episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” premier on Hulu to see these plastic ladies in action.)

If I had to, I would pay double what these women have spent on plastic surgery in order to NOT look like over-done, middle-aged women trying way too hard to be “sexy”.

Coming up, we’ll feature each of these housewives and all of the plastic surgery they have individually had.

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  • avatar Sage says:

    The individual posts will be interesting, can’t wait to see your thoughts on what these women have had done! Out of all six, the one with the long brown hair and white dress seems to be the least overdone – but, I have a feeling that it’s to do with the hair colour more than anything. It’s hard to tell based off the picture, though.

    On a side note: I don’t think I’ll watch the show. I’m just not interested in watching spoilt middle-aged women going off geting botox and bad plastic surgery, buying clothes which are too young for them, bitching at each other and complaining about how hard their lives are.

  • avatar Karen D says:

    Kim Richards was so pretty and cute as a teen. Now? Eeek!!! And a few years ago when Kyle was on PAris’ show she looked more real.

  • avatar jerianne says:

    I grew up around Adrienne’s family and her hair is colored but she still has family facial traits. Her father was a very easy going and genuine human being who made time to talk to anyone. He was good at listening and didn’t talk down to the working class in Albuquerque. My father knew him since they were teens and he never made others feel beneath him. I hope Adrienne and her brothers are carrying on that family trait. Albuquerque’s high society is much different from the East and West coast cities.

  • avatar Lyn says:

    KIM has had the least work done and I often ask myself why doesn’t she at least get a browlift? Yes, you guess it folks! I live in LA! She could look a lot younger if she stayed out of the tanning booth and got a facelift. KYLE is my favorite on the show. I like her vibe and she has a good marriage with a hot man! Like so many others, I despise Camille! WTF was Kelsey thinking?

  • avatar Amanda says:

    I usually think that blondes are prettier than brunettes but in this case, I think Kyle is the prettiest one. I can tell she’s had some proceedures via botox or something else but it looks great & natural. I don’t know how her hair color has anything to do with her looking the least overdone as someone stated earlier because that other brunettes looks as plastic as the rest.

  • avatar Deneen says:

    Ugh, I cannot stand looking at these women…the lighting is so bad that you see all their wrinkles. YUCK! I especially hate seeing Kim’s neck, Taylors lips, the wrinkles on Kyles forehead and Lisa’s waddle (remember Ally McBeal) and of course Camille’s cheek implants. They all have fantaastic bodies but their faces look terrible.
    What is with Kyle swinging her hair around all the time, is that an 80’s move? Plus, she is always playing with her lips, and the other night when she appeared on WWHL, her lips were way over done! DOUBLE UGH!

  • avatar Denise says:

    Camille not only is fake but stupid too. Two strikes against her. She is riding on Kelsey’s fame. At least these others can carry on a conversation without stopping in the middle!

    They all have had too much surgery. Yes, they have great bodies but wouldn’t everyone if they had a trainer and did not have to work everyday!

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