camille grammerCamille Grammer, ex-wife of Kelsey Grammer, stars on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. Like all of the other housewives, Camille has had a LOT of plastic surgery. Camille is 42 years old and appears to have a nose job, lip injections, major botox, soft tissue fillers, a brow lift, breast implants and god only knows what else. Camille looks ok in pictures, but when you see all of that plastic/botox in action, she looks pretty scary.

Before marrying Kelsey Grammer and starring on “The Real Housewives of Hollywood”, Camille’s claim to fame was dancing on Club MTV in the late 80’s and posing nude in Playboy.

In addition to Camille’s fake exterior, apparently she is completely fake through and through. Camille has two children, but decided to have a surrogate carry her children (I guess that whole pregnancy thing was too much of a hassle for an unemployed housewife…), and currently has 4 nannies to care for her two kids. Can you really call yourself a mother when you choose to pay a stranger to carry your children, even though you are capable of being pregnant, and then pay other people to raise your children?

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  • avatar kitten says:

    How do you know she is capable of having children? Just because someone has been able to get pregnant before doesn’t mean they’ll always be able to, plus she might have some other health issues you have no way of knowing about.

    That said, one more reason not to like Kelsey Grammer, Frasier would not approve of that kind of nonsense.

  • avatar Belle says:

    Camille has always claimed that she used a surrogate because she suffers from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but I have always been suspicious of that reasoning. I’ve known sufferers of IBS and ALL have carried children without any complications due to it. Hmmm…

  • avatar Jaselle says:

    I don’t think her plastic surgery looks near as bad as Taylor’s. That being said, my initial summary of Camille is vapid, money-grubbing, and fake. No one needs 4 nannies and her complete defensiveness anytime Kelsey is mentioned is further proof that she knows she rides his coattails. She would be nothing without him. Frankly, she disgusts me. I’ll remain open-minded as the series moves along…. time will tell.

  • avatar mr.ed says:

    Both halves of this marriage are vapid, money-grubbing, and fake. And politically incorrect.

  • avatar plastic-surgery-nurse says:

    My opinion–she uses her husband’s name and $ to rub elbows with the celebrities she emmulates, wishing she was one of them. She never was and never will be, no matter how much of his $ she gets ahold of and spends.
    She came from nothing and is still nothing–she’s just another Hollywood Star wannabe.
    Like everyone else, I like to watch and read about celebrities personal lives, but for me, it’s just for a good laugh. I neither envy them, or wish I was one of them. The majority have lives that are just as screwed up as the characters they play on film. The few that are real and down to earth are the ones you never see or read about in the tabloids. They do their job and stay home, taking honest interest in their family, charities, and doing so without needing publicity to feed inflated egos.

    Getting surgery to help maintain youthfulness is one thing; getting umpteen surgeries to make yourself something you’re not is another. Nobody is going to find happiness under the knife…it comes from living honest and working a job that gives you satisfaction at the end of a work week.

  • avatar KrissyinLA says:

    Camille has no substance, she walks around with an air of entitlement about her. Poor vapid Camille, she is a waste… 2 Children is too much for her little brain. Actually she offends me. I hope the other housewives put her in her place, which should be working at your nearest Dennys…. Thats about all she is good for.

  • avatar VegasDiva says:

    I actually don’t mind Camille. I know people criticize because she has four nannies, but did anyone think she has that many so they can rotate shifts? I mean wouldn’t it be better to have four nannies alternating 8 hour shifts versus forcing one nanny to slave away fourteen hours a day the way many celebrities do? On the show she seems very courteous to her housing staff, so who knows. As far as the surgery I don’t think it’s any better or worse than most women in LA.

    • avatar yell says:

      @VegasDiva oooor how about SHE raises HER children, considering she doesn’t even have a job.

      She’s way too narcissistic to have children. And really why bother if you dont carry them, god forbid she has to gain some weight in order to bring her child into the world, or raise them. Kelsey probably wanted to have kids.

      He’s always comes off to me as very down to earth. But I always believed you are who you surround yourself with. How could he be married to her for 15 years and not noticed how delusional and self absorbed she is? Unless he’s similar, right?

  • avatar Dr D says:

    She is a trip. But then again that is what makes reality television it seems.

  • avatar Mary says:

    What the hell was kelsey Grammer thinking when he married that bimbo???

  • avatar LAN says:

    She mentions in the episode the reason she had someone else carry her children is so she wouldn’t ruin her body…shes a fucking joke

  • avatar eve says:

    IBS is a syndrome…NOT a disease. IBD sufferers have carried many children. A nervous stomach..WTH!! She’s so vain. After last weeks episode I truly cannot stand watching her anymore.

  • avatar pak31 says:

    I just don’t understand how you can walk around all proud of your body when it really isn’t even yours. Wouldn’t it be more satisfying knowing that you worked hard to have a great figure because of diet and excersize? I swear, 100 years from now all humans will literally be plastic barbie and ken dolls. So pathetic.

    • avatar Lyn says:

      You are so right! We seem to have evolved into The Vanity Age! Remember the Stepford Wives? Is Housewives really just The Stepford Wives?

      • avatar sydco23 says:

        I agree with both of you, she had surrogates for her children so she wouldn’t have to gain wait and all that, and winded up losin her husband anyway…. All that damn $ he has I’ll be happy to run after my children alllllllllll day by myself….lol

  • avatar shellie says:

    I think Camille is so fake…esp. now after reading she had a surrogate carry her kids so she wouldn’t ruin her body! That is so shallow…I can’t imagine not being able to carry my daughter. That is one of the best joys of being a mother, feeling your baby growing inside of you. It’s a joke Camille thought it would ruin her body…I’m in better shape now then before I was pregnant. No stretch marks etc. and I work out everyday to have a slim figure. Someone who doesn’t want to bear or care (since she has 4 nannies!) for their children probably shouldn’t be having children in the 1st place in my opinion. I have no respect whatsoever for Camille. I chose to quit my job so I could spend more time with my child , and would never ever “choose” to have someone else raise them like Camille with her 4 nannies!

  • avatar Harlequin says:

    All that work and still not cute. Hmm.

  • avatar Park Ave Blondie says:

    Camille says her dinner guest has plumped up lips – yep, you too.
    nannies – camille has 4 of them.
    posed nude – camille did it.
    fake boobs – camille has them.
    porno star – camille did two!

    friends – camille has “PayPals” not friends.
    mean – camille is mean.
    ugly – yep ugly inside and outside.
    jelousy – camille can’t stand Kyle has a hot loving hubby.
    husband cheated – absolutely if I were married to camille i would cheat too.

  • avatar TVME says:

    Camille is only 42?
    She looks so much older. That’s the problem with excessive, obvious plastic surgery (and huge implants): it actually makes women look older.
    No wonder she is so touchy about being called “insecure”. You would have to be pretty insecure to get so many procedures. And I suppose her marriage was already falling apart while the show was filming. The never looked like a particularly warm and affectionate couple. Though it is hard to believe there was ever any real marriage there. I think she was in it for the houses. What a pathetic life.

  • avatar L says:

    My boob job looks better than her boob job! LOL

  • avatar trespea says:

    Who needs plastic surgery/botox at 41? Cammille would look way better aging gracefully for another year or two. Well maybe not. If your ugly inside you probably need a little assistance. Its the kid thing that’s pathetic about her.

  • avatar trespea says:

    Iv had a nose tweak and eyes tightened a little but botox “ALWAYS” makes an ageing woman look aged before her time when you get it before your 50.

  • avatar Sonia says:

    IBS is not a contraindication for pregnancy. Predicting whether IBS will worsen or improve during pregnancy is not possible. It’s not uncommon for pregnant women to feel that their IBS has completely gone into remission, but the flip side of the coin is that other women may feel that pregnancy makes their IBS worse than it has ever been before. Or, the severity of IBS symptoms may stay the same while the symptoms themselves change – someone who is normally diarrhea-predominant will suddenly find themselves dealing with constipation, as pregnant women are often constipated.

    Suffering from IBS is not a reason for avoiding pregnancy. Women with more serious diseases like diabetes or seizure disorders, for example, have safe pregnancies and deliveries with the proper medical care and prevention. This is the USA and she had money to access the best medical care possible.

    IBS: poor excuse for not carrying your own kids.

  • avatar kim says:

    Camille is deff the most hated housewife or should i say house bimbo. She is the most jealous shallow wanna be woman on television. I wouled have been embarrassed if I were Camille when Kelsey left her for a much younger lady when she got all the plastic surgery to look young. obviously it didnt work! she is a fucking idiot and every time she talks she is talking out of her gold digging ass! The only reason she targets Kyle on the RHOBH is because she is a strong beautiful non fake woman and not to metion she has a HOT husband with a successful marriage and great loving family.

  • avatar smartgirl06 says:

    Kelsey is the ass. I feel sorry for Camille. She has shown a very human, humbled, vulnerable, quieted-by-everything-she-has-gone-through side this season, which is why she probably won’t be back–because there was no drama around her. She sits quietly through her life waiting for her child custody to be settled, and other life quality issues to be settled while her ex-husband sits all-too-happily with his now newly pregnant-with-twins NEW wife. Way to be that great day to all 5 of your kids–just keep divorcing the wives you have and get NEW ones and have NEW kids with them–what a great role model and support system for the kids you already have in place. Camille didn’t deserve to be left and anything she has done to herself she did out of insecurity. Can you imagine your dad leaving your mom, and then the next one, and so on? Can you imagine how you would feel, and how special you couldn’t because you just kept being replaced and he’d just move to the newest state he wanted to be living in no matter WHERE you–his kid was living to accommodate his acting schedule? You talk about Camille not wanting to “ruin” her body–what about Kelsey not wanting to ruin his entire set-up he thinks he has going in life where he can be on Broadway and FEEL SO SPECIAL while he divorces and splits up a home his children have ties and love attached to? Forget the nannies–those kids need the consistency from their DAD BEING OUT OF THE PICTURE AND TAKING THEIR MOTHER OUT OF THE PICTURE IF HE HAS HIS WAY WITH THE CUSTODY–EVEN THOUGH HIS SCHEDULE WOULD STILL BE THE SAME–Broadway schedules are 6 days a week people. Look further than the immediate and you will find a lot more to complain about than what Camille looks like. Think of what it would be like to be her. She has a lot but she has also been through a lot and has more to go. She has her faults but Kelsey is an ass, and has A LOT of selfishness–A LOT OF SELFISHNESS which is why she is now a divorced mother of 2. HE DID THAT. SHE DIDN’T. HE CHEATED. SHE DIDN’T. HE BLINDSIDED HER. SHE DIDN’T. SHE TRUSTED HIM WHILE HE WAS “ON BROADWAY” WHILE HE WAS SEEKING AND GETTING ALL THAT ADULATION AND GETTING ATTENTION FROM OTHER WOMEN AND ONE IN PARTICULAR AND HAVING AN AFFAIR BEHIND HIS WIFE’S BACK. SHE DIDN’T.

  • avatar smartgirl06 says:

    And p.s. for anyone who knows what IBS is and can relate–it can be overwhelmingly PAINFUL with a lot of nausea, gas, cramping, bloating, diarrhea,and that’s if someone has it. She hasn’t shown any of that on the show, but that is also very personal and painful.

    And one last thing, I have heard that Kelsey doesn’t like to actually BE physical?… Maybe Camille took the blame on herself and please notice that Kelsey’s NEW WIFE is pregnant with TWINS, which usually is from in-vitro, so again, let’s look more at Kelsey than the women he gets “his” children from. I think he shows to be pure selfishness in the container that is him. Even when he talks about “giving” the housewives show to Camille as a last hand gesture, he is just such an ass. Poor Camille.

  • avatar Gilda222 says:

    Camille Grammar’s claim to fame was her naked part in Howard Stern’s movie Private Parts. She was the one crawling all over him naked. What talent!

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