Jocelyn Wildenstein Fixes Her Face?


I was forwarded some recent pictures of Jocelyn Wildenstein and, WOW, does she look a whole lot better! The women in these pictures looks so much more human then Jocelyn has looked since she started getting plastic surgery decades ago. So much so, that I had to ask…Is this even Jocelyn Wildenstein?! But judging from the basic facial proportions and ears, this is indeed Jocelyn and her new face.

Honestly I thought that Jocelyn Wildenstein’s face was ruined beyond repair, so seeing her look somewhat decent is a total shock. It looks like she has had a recent nose job, chin reduction, lowering of an extreme brow lift, lip reduction, un-slanting of the eyes, breast implant reduction and god only knows what else. Regardless, Jocelyn looks better and the plastic surgeon that did her most recent round of surgery is pretty darn talented.

More pictures of Jocelyn Wildenstein’s new face:

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