Ke$ha Doesn’t Have Butt Implants


I think it’s safe to say that pop singer Ke$ha does not have butt implants.

keshas butt

As a matter of fact, she appears to be missing any sort of butt at all! If you were Ke$ha would you consider plastic surgery to improve your butt? Or should she just hit the gym and start doing squats/lunges to improve her a$$ets?

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  • avatar next says:

    But she did have surgery in her face, a nose job and a possible brow lift.

    “Judging from K$sha’s pre fame photos, someone (likely her management company) spent a fortune to make her look like a girl. Wider eyes from a brow lift and a smaller nose via rhinoplasty definitely make her appear more attractive. She was completely flat chested before, but now, has implants.”

    -Good Plastic Surgery

    K$sha Before And After
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  • avatar Dr D says:

    Agreed. It is not a great procedure either.

  • avatar Rose says:

    Well, I just got a boost of self confidence for the day. She’s got no ass, man. She definitely outta pop some squats or something.

  • avatar Karen D says:

    How old is this person???? I’ve heard of skinny fat people I guess she’s one of them. Odd looking

  • avatar livberlive says:

    She should get some padding to save her spine.

  • avatar Thenurse says:

    If she did, she definatley needs to demand a refund.

  • avatar Samantha says:

    I’m with Rose on this one. I feel awesome about my body after seeing this photo!

  • avatar amweee says:

    hit the gym!

  • avatar brucewayne says:

    I second that motion, “She should get some padding to save her spine.”
    Looks like someone hit her square on the azz with big black huge cast-iron skillet.

  • avatar Kisses4Katie says:

    No amount of squats will give this gorilla a booty. She needs to eat a McDonald’s truck and hope it goes straight to her ass, but first she needs to lose them god awful man shoulders.

    • avatar shannon says:

      I don’t agree. My ass was like that once, maybe not that bad, but I’ve been working out for 8 months, and finally have some semblance of an arse.

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