Dita Von Teese Has Glorious Fake Breasts


Dita Von Teese is a world famous burlesque performer who is known for her sophisticated sex appeal and distinctive 1940’s pin-up girl style.

Dita recently gave a candid interview, where she revealed that her famous breasts have been surgically enhanced. Dita does have amazing breasts, especially for a 38-year-old woman, but I would not have guessed that she had breast implants. As far as natural-looking breast augmentation goes, I think Dita has one of the best!

Dita Von Teese’s glorious, albeit fake, breasts:
CENSORED – Click for photo

Dita’s take on plastic surgery via “The Mirror“:

“I had breast augmentation at 21 after losing a lot of weight in my early 20s. It was something that I did in the early 90s,” she says. “I don’t know why everyone makes such a big deal about my boobs. Plastic surgery has been happening since the 1700s and many 1940s movie stars had it. It’s a taboo that should be let go of. I don’t see the point in denying it as I would only get found out in the end, and besides, I don’t have any interest in making people think I’m naturally perfect.”

“Do people want me to apologise for having a boob job? I think it’s OK not to be naturally beautiful and I’d say to any woman, ‘You should do what makes you feel good about yourself.’ “

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  • avatar Jess says:

    The shape is very natural looking, she must have gotten tear drop shaped implants. The give away is the nipple placement, on real breasts the nipple sits lower on the breast.

  • avatar Kim says:

    She says she’s had breast augmentation. That doesn’t necessarily mean implants, does it?
    Maybe she just had a lift done, or even a reduction…she did say she lost a lot of weight and then got her boobs done.
    To me, “done” doesn’t necessarily mean jacked up with silicone or saline.

    • Yes, “breast augmentation” can mean many things (reduction, implants, lift, etc), but I can guarantee that Dita has not had a reduction (breast reductions leave very noticeable scars). I would bet several thousand dollars that Dita is indeed “jacked up with silicone or saline”. 😉

  • avatar Carrie says:

    To augment something is to add to or make bigger. To reduce is to subtract or make smaller. She lost a lot of weight and when she gained it back her boobs didn’t “recover”. They probably lost their volume and so she added implants to get it back.

  • avatar HCS says:

    Actually,to augment something simply means to change.

    • avatar Penelope says:

      No, it doesn’t. Look it up.

      • avatar Katie says:

        Yes, “augment” only means to change by making it greater. It means this in music chords, money, and boob jobs. That is why there are specific names for the different surgeries (i.e. breast reduction, breast augmentation, breast lift, etc.)

  • avatar m says:

    “Glorious” is right. lol She could so make me turn gay. Perfect breasts.

  • avatar Mordred says:

    10 out of 10 for these beautiful, perfect breasts.

  • avatar biker says:

    I think they are beautiful and I would suck them without reservation!! yummy!! XD

  • avatar fawn says:

    if i got my boobs done, I’d take in this picture and say “like these, please”
    similar situation for me anyway. Lost 20 lbs… and my C cups 🙁

  • avatar NurseKat says:

    It isn’t new news that Dita has implants. She has said so for years. They are good, but the nipple placement is a bit high. If you have good implants, it is pretty hard to tell that they are fake. I have had implants for 14 years and no one realizes it unless I tell them. I have had no issues with them and they look fantastic. But I wish I never got them. I got them to please my ex-husband. I had nice, firm B-cups before. Eventually I will get them removed. It is a pain to find clothing when my chest is 34 DDD and I am a size 6. (I really only wanted large C’s and ended up DD after the surgery. I have gained 20lbs since my surgery and now I am DDD.) When I have a spare 10K, I will have them removed and then have a lift to remove the excess skin.

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