Michael Jackson’s Addiction to Plastic Surgery


Katherine Jackson, mother of Michael Jackson, recently sat down with Oprah and talked openly about Michael and his addiction to plastic surgery. At one point Katherine even asked Michael’s plastic surgeon to stop doing work on Michael, as she felt that he had gone overboard with changing his face.

Just by looking at Michael’s face, you can see that he has drastically changed his nose, chin, cheeks, jaw, lips and eyes, as well undergone the usual anti-aging surgeries (facelift, browlift, botox, blepharoplasty, etc), so it isn’t exactly shocking to hear that Michael Jackson was addicted to plastic surgery. I just wonder how Michael’s superfans are going to take Katherine’s statements? As you can see in the comments on this post, many of Michael’s fans are delusionally loyal when defending the late singer.

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  • avatar Harlequin says:

    lol. Remember when he tried to claim that he had only 1 (or was it 2) nose jobs? Geez. And he was an attractive man before. RIP, Mike.

  • avatar john says:

    he did have 2 nose jobs and a clift added to his chin.there are videos in youtube where you can see this for yourself,like michael jackson surgery myths debunked.And btw that’s not the point about him,he was great as a human and very loving and innocent.A great example for the children,cauz with people like him we would have a creative,loving,nice world

  • avatar Gaby says:

    I love you Michael, you will always be beautiful to me!

  • avatar enyalocan says:

    i love you Michael!

  • This article is inaccurate. Michael Jackson only had a cleft added to his chin and he only had three or four nose surgeries—not including his reconstructive nose surgeries that he had to do because of his auto-immune disease called lupus.

    Michael never had his cheeks, jaw, lips and eyes surgically altered. I can prove this easily by showing several comparison pictures, but the one you put in your article is just fine for now.

    Look back in forth at his cheekbones in his younger photo and in his older photo, and as you can see—nothing is different. If his cheeks appear to look more enhanced in some photos, that is because when you age your skin thins and your features become more prominent—also keep in mind Michael had vitiligo, a very serious skin disorder, and it makes the skin very thin and almost transparent in a way.

    His jawline looks different for the same exact reason, and I’m not exactly sure what your trying to imply Michael had done to his jaw. The only jaw surgery I know of is jaw shaving, and I know for a fact Michael didn’t do that.

    Michael never had his lips thinned or whatever you’re trying imply by adding lips onto the list of things Michael had done to his face. Michael’s lips never changed throughout the years.

    Once again, what the heck are you trying imply when you say his eyes were surgically altered? In the photo you added, nothing looks different between the younger photo and the older photo. Michael has white eyeliner on his waterline so his eyes like a LITTLE bigger, but that’s it.

    IN CONCLUSION, you are only perpetuating the false and untrue lies about Michael. A few minutes of research would confirm everything I said. I have no idea why people feel the need to write articles like these when they have no clue what they are talking about.

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